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Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Barada, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    Real Name: Joel (Duh)
    Age: 19 (Gimme a few months and I'm no longer lumped in with teenagers!)
    Location: FL, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Kids: None
    Pets: None of my own, but the family pet is Rosie, a German Shepherd
    Hobbies: Star Wars Novel Reading, Reading WWII Memoirs, History, and Star Wars
    Fave Movie (non-SW): LotR, Bullitt, Donnie Darko
    Fave Band: None really, too busy with college classes and the military.

    Wookiee Cookie to the person who IDs the other guy in the photo.

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  2. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    santa isn't coming?
  3. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    that would be U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General John P. Jumper?

    I knew watching Stargate would come in handy some day
  4. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    And a Wookiee Cookie for you AmShak! Did he make a guest appearance or something on Stargate? How'd you know?
  5. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    i can't name the episode, but he made a guest appearance on sg1 fairly soon after he became chief. the former chief had made a guest appearance earlier and story has it that this was one of his priorities after getting his promotion.

    apparently sg1 works closely with the air force in what they should and shouldn't do (for realism) but of course it is a SciFi TV show, so i doubt they worry too much about things like that. i do know that richard dean anderson just recieved some kind of award from the air forces for his work on the show, so maybe there is something to that. i also think i read that sg1 was the first "anything" to use that spiffy new air force logo you have.
  6. IG-PPO

    IG-PPO Sith Hamsters Handler

    Real Name: José Luis

    NickName: Pepo

    Age: 35

    Location: Puerto Rico

    Marital Status: Single

    Kids: no. 5 nephews, 2 nieces

    Work: Software Engineer

    Pets: Two hamsters that suppose to be two females, recently added 5 more.

    Hobbies: Travel, photograpgy, movies, SW Galaxies, Celebreties Stalker, Try to conquer the world!

    Fave Movies: Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror Movies, Anime.

    Fave TV shows: CSI, Suvivor, The Amazing Race, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost, BattleStar Galactica, Simpsons, Futurama.

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  7. CreepyBunny

    CreepyBunny Infiltrator

    Real Name: Deanna

    Age: 24

    Location: Chalmette, Louisiana (about 20 minutes from New Orleans)

    Marital Status: Single. Got this boyfriend guy though.

    Kids: Lots of pets who are like my children and about 100 students. No children of my own though.

    Work: High School Art Teacher

    Pets: 4 cats, 1 dog, and 3 birds (yes, practially a zoo... I know I'm insane.)

    Hobbies: Painting and Drawing, Harry Potter, and Horror Movies.

    Fave Movie (non-SW): All of the Harry Potters, Donnie Darko, Dark City, The Crow, Dead Alive, and a lot more but I can never think of them all at one time.

    Fave Band: This changes day to day, but right now it's Nine Inch Nails

    Attached are a few pictures of me a picture of Darth Skellington and me from Halloween 04. He's the dementor sucking out my soul and I'm Wednesday Addams.

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  8. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    What a coincidence WC has the same name for her dog as i do (Indiana)
  9. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    Great minds think alike! :)
  10. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    So they do, for sure...........
  11. Alf

    Alf Agent

    Real name : Emily

    Age: 29

    Location: Upstate NY

    Marital Status: single

    Kids: none

    Pets: 2 cats (Orlando and Mufasa), 1 dog (Shaggy)

    Hobbies: Cake decorating, sewing, reading, seeing movies, collecting SW (thanks a lot C 3)
    Is shopping a hobby?

    Work: Assistant Bakery manager/price maintenance clerk

    Favorite movies (non sw): Mallrats, Dazed and Confused, Shaun of the Dead, Clerks, Elf and several others.

    Favorite music: it varies from the classics to the screaming music of today. Beatles, Elvis, NIN, Weird Al (1st concert), Chevelle, Cold, Taproot, Godsmack- (love them, was my 1st rock concert) plus many more.

    Favorite TV shows: CSI, The OC, Simpsons. Can't think of anymore at the moment.
  12. JediSearch

    JediSearch S.C.A.L.P. Special Ops

    Real name : Stephen

    Age: 33

    Location: Kentucky

    Marital Status: Married

    Kids: 1 (Travis - He's two) [​IMG]

    Pets: 1 cat (TigerLily)

    Hobbies: Reading Star Wars books, playing Star Wars computer games, watching Star Wars movies, collecting Star Wars stuff.

    Work: Software Architect

    Favorite movies (non sw): LOTR series, Spiderman, and Office Space.

    Favorite music: Star Wars soundtrack, LOTR soundtrack, various other movie soundtracks. I listen to them while I write code, and I imagine the movie in my head... It helps the day go by.

    Favorite TV shows: Amazing Race, Survivor, CSI.
  13. Nightwing

    Nightwing New Recruit

    Real name : Alex

    Age: 31

    Location: Inverness

    Marital Status: Single

    Kids: none

    Pets: none

    Hobbies: Collecting busts(Mainly SW, but others as well), comics, music, concerts, reading, film

    Work: Working at Oxfam while looking for a job

    Favorite movies (non sw): Alien, The Deer Hunter, Classic Cronenberg and Carpenter, Evil Dead II, Trainspotting.

    Favorite music: Polyphonic Spree, Flaming Lips, Rufus & Martha Wainwright, Beck, Nick Cave, The Kills, Joy Division, Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Stones, Leonard Cohen

    Favorite TV shows: 24, Desperate Houswives, Battlestar Galatica, Freaks & Geeks, CarnivĂ le, Doctor Who, Nip & Tuck, The Wire
  14. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

  15. Nightwing

    Nightwing New Recruit

    I was lazy and copied Barada's post but forgot to delete that part
  16. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, I'll try...

    Real name : Kevin

    Age: 27

    Location: Kansas. Yes, that Kansas

    Marital Status: Single

    Kids: None

    Pets: None

    Hobbies: None. Oh wait, umm, movies, computer related stuff, music (degree in music), photography, Colorado (skiing, hiking, know, stuff).

    Work: Web Developer/ Graphic Designer/ Multimedia Guy

    Favorite Movies: Clerks (really any Kevin Smith Movie), Swingers, Alien, Hunt for Red October, Star Wars (duh), Se7en, Fight Club (really any Fincher movie), Indiana Jones, Kill Bill, Blade Runner, Pulp Fiction, Office Space...

    Favorite music: Bela Fleck (Barada!), Dave Matthews Band (Barada!), Radiohead, Maceo Parker, Velvet Revolver, Kula Shaker, Nine Inch Nails, Joshua Redman, Jaco Pastorious...I could list a bunch.

    Favorite TV shows: Amazing Race, World Poker Tour, Survivor, American Idol, Stargate SG1

    Ok, and I'm including some photos that I had handy as well as some photos that I took while I was out and about...

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  17. Alf

    Alf Agent

    It's the infamous pose of The Bothan Spies!! ;)
  18. Barada

    Barada Saboteur

    Really? Barada has a child. :confused:

  19. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    um i've seen Baradas son...can vouch he has of Confusion Nightwing....
  20. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    From what I understand, apparently everyone expected me to show up at C3 looking like my picture on page 1. :p That prompted me to come up with some new pictures to post. Unfortunately, I can't find the ones I wanted--they're buried underneath all the SW junk somewhere. So, here are some others.

    I didn't realize it until now, but this must have been me in my Obi-Skel Kenobi phase. Or maybe it was Qui-Gon Skel. :D Either way, the full beard didn't last long. Actually, that's the day I got my hair cut :(

    The last pic is at C3, around 4:30 am in the Lucas line.

    I was also going to update my profile, but it still holds true. So I'll add some new trivia. I've found I enjoy dicovering random bands that I like, including Skinny Puppy, Rasputina, and Scissor Sisters. I also enjoy the written works of Neil Gaiman and Edward Gorey.

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