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    The latest news from the Hairy Fairy can be read right here

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    Dear fellow collectors,

    Lots of new products are on the way so check the site for details. Remember our competition this month gives you the chance to win
    yourself a ToysRus Silver R2D2. Its real easy so drop into the site and enter now. We also have a great deal on the POTJ Tie Bomber
    for just 45 Euro this month.

    Some important news for those of you in the Scandinavian region. The Hairy Fairy will be at the Scandinavian Sc-Fi convention in Malmo
    Sweden on the 26th and 27th of April. Some interesting guests will be there this year: The Hulk, Darth Maul and Sauron from Lord of the Rings, (quite a team hey?)

    Check out there website for more info.

    We will be having as usual the best prices you can find throughout Scandinavia. We have older EP1 figures from just 20 SEK, POTJ for
    just 100 SEK and even Saga figures from just 50 SEK each.

    Check out some of these prices:

    Arena Playsets just 500 SEK
    Saga Shuttles just 1700 SEK
    Gunships just 500 SEK
    Stormtrooper builder sets just 250 SEK
    ToysRus Exclusive Silver R2D2's just 300 SEK
    Aklay Beasts just 400 SEK
    12" Electronic Jango & Obi Wan just 400 SEK
    Action fleet vehicles just 150 SEK
    Anakins & Dooku's Speeder just 300 SEK
    Yoda's Lightsaber just 350 SEK
    Jango's Blaster just 250 SEK
    Saga Scenes just 400 SEK a set (2)
    POTF Beast Packs, Rebel Pilots & Skiff Guards just 150 SEK
    Saga Holiday set's just 250 SEK

    We will also have all the latest & newest figures including:

    Boba Fett quick draw
    Mace Windu
    Rebel Trooper
    Imperial Officer
    Eeth Koth
    Flying R2-D2
    Anakin Skywalker (Mech arm)
    Research Droids
    Tusken (No head)
    Lama su
    Obi spear
    Aayla secura
    Barriss Offee

    All these figures are just 100 SEK each. Some older Saga figures are just 50 SEK each.

    Some of these products are available in very small amounts, so if you want to reserve or preorder any just drop us an email and let us
    know what you need and what day you would like to pick it up, we will keep it for you.

    Last time in Stockholm for those that were there, we sold out everything we had on the first day, so don't be shy and hurry over to us and
    grab yourself a bargain.

    Look forward to seeing you there.

    The Hairy Fairy


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