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  1. darthskellington

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    Thought I would let everyone know I stumbled across some numbers for a
    Target Star Wars Ultimate Battle Pack.

    It is 087-06-2070 and currently costs $62.99. We have zero on hand, and
    I have no idea when this will be in stock, but I'm guessing this is the

    Keep in mind the numbers for the regular Rancor are still in the system,
    but this won't be out until next year apparently.

    However, there is a GI Joe Ultimate Battle Pack which is IN STOCK in the
    back room right now, and costs the same price. I snuck a peek and it is
    in a large wide window box. It come with seven figures and three
    vehicles: a red HISS tank, a blue Cobra Bubble jet pack seat
    thingymajig, and an army green GI Joe tank.....I forget what it is but
    it's the traditional normal looking tank. I think the vintage one was
    motorized. Overall, a pretty cool package. The figures are all unique,
    and incuded a Destro figure, not sure if they are all new paint jobs
    though. The cobra bubble pilot was funny looking....kind of like cobra
    commander without the helmet....just the silver mask. Maybe it was him
    and his helmet fell off.
  2. darthskellington

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    By now I think everyone knows the Target battle packs are Battle of Christophsis and the Sarlacc Pit. Here are some of my first impressions I typed up when I opened mine last week.

    Okay, so I've opened the Sarlacc and Christophsis. Still haven't dug out
    my skiff to compare paint jobs yet...that'll have to wait for another

    Okay...the pretty cool. Personally I think this is a $40
    set. The skiff is very similar to previous skiffs.....I'm suspecting
    there will be a noticeable paint differnece when held side by side. The
    figures...well...Han and Boba look okay. Luke's face, Lando and the
    Weequay.....I'm sorry but the use of High-gloss paint on them makes them
    look like bootlegs. That said, I do appreciate the fact that the Weequay
    has a modestly different paint job than the first incarnation. Good for
    army building, considering there were several of these guys running
    around. Lando has much brighter pants and loin-cloth, along with the
    garish gloss-gray chest armor, making him look significantly different
    than previous versions (as significant as say, teh blue/brown coat Han
    variations). For these reasons, I consider the Weequay and Lando to be
    "new" figures, (along with the "stainless" shirted Han), and the Luke and
    Boba to be "reissues".

    The Sarlacc itself is very cool. The big outer base is cheap flimsy
    plastic, I daresay THINNER than the Lars Homestead base. Underneath that
    is a smaller very Heavy duty base, sort of like an ant-hill for the
    Sarlacc to reside in. This base is very sturdy....possibly jump up and
    down on it and it won't break sturdy. :) The Sarlacc "pit" is a third
    piece of the base, consisting of the tentacles and teeth., separate and
    also heavy duty. Lastly, the Special Edition "mouth" is made of two
    thick rubber pieces, that nest together, thus allowing you to stick
    figures in it. Best of all, the "mouth" is removeable, so if you want an
    "original theatrical release" Sarlac pit, you've got one. :) So, I
    think everyone should be very happy with the Sarlacc itself.

    Christophsis is also nice, as I mentioned in the last e-mail. The extra
    cannon parts for the AT-AP are behind the AAT, so don't worry, you'll
    find those when you detach the tank, along with instructions and stickers
    for both vehicles. AAT is just like the previous Brown
    release......spring-loaded battle droid inside, but the cockpit seat no
    longer "ejects" like the orignal Tan version did. AT-AP is just like the
    previous release, but with a new paint job. Figures.....2 battle droids
    (dirty, each comes with blaster and rocket launcher), Super Battle Droid
    (no accessories), Anakin (lightsaber and rocket launcher), 2 Clone
    Troopers (dirty white, with "Timer Mine/Walker Foot" insignia on ONE
    shoulder only, one comes with a blaster, the other a rifle). These
    Clones are identical to the AT-TE Clone Trooper, with one
    difference.....the AT-TE Clone has insignia on BOTH shoudlers.

    You definitely get your money's worth out of this one. :)

  3. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Here are some detail shots of the sarlacc pit itself...the highlight of the set. The large tentacle is bendable so you can wrap it around can also be removed.

    Here are some of teh figures compared to regular versions of them. The flash kinda whited-out the details...but you get the obvious differences. Weequay is just a different paint job...not award winning...but better than a re-issue. His eyes and hair are kinda sloppy.

    Lando hasmuch whiter pants and a bright glossy gray chest armor piece.

    Luke has a horrible face repaint....I thought it was just bad...then I compared it to the real figure and decided it was an abomination. Honestly, it looks like a bootleg....if I hadn't pulled it out of the Hasbro package myself....I'd declare it a bootleg. His skin is pasty white , and his eyebrows and eyes are slopped onto his face, giving him a surprised if to say"Yeah, even I'm shocked how crappy I look". This is particualrly evident when held side by side with the regular carded Luke, which had blue eyes, black pupls, and perhaps one of the best likenesses of all the Luke figures. :(

    That said, Lando will fit in with a crowd, and the Weequay is a nice change of pace...if not spectacular. Luke, on the plus side, looks perfectly okay with his back turned to he now stand before Jabba while the real Luke faces us (and his destiny) on the Skiff.

    I'll post AT-AP comparisons soon.
  4. IG-PPO

    IG-PPO Sith Hamsters Handler

    I saw both sets yesterday in here Houston. I may get the Sarlaac Pit for the Mighty Sarlaac and the skiff, but I agree that the figures has a horrible paint.
  5. the gi joe ultimate battlepack comes with red hiss tank, blue trouble bubble, and the mobat, figures include destro cobra commander, cobra gunner, hiss tank driver, ralph steeler pulaski, stalker and shortfuse. this is a great set
  6. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Here is a comparision of the two AT-APs. The Christophsis Battle Pack version is the one wth the red paint highlights.


  7. L.Lee

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    Wow, the repaints truly look terrible. I can see what you mean about the Luke figure. Your comment on it made me laugh though.

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