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    swjunk has been given negative feedback for posting several times that another member is a "thief". He refuses to support his claim by providing details to the TBS staff and this is a violation of these rules. These rules were created to protect other traders from false or unsupported claims.
  2. swjunk

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    Louie Rivera aka GrandMoffLouie, aka Michytichy, aka Earl040571 burned me for $175.00.

    I sent Louie a 1st Edition R2-D2 w/ Holo Leia and he never sent payment. A friend of mine bought 4 of them for $175.00 each and I asked him to send one to Louie. As I had also had a good past record with Louie I did not worry. It has now been several months and many empty promises later.

    I made not a dollar on the deal and was only trying to help a fellow collector complete his collection.

    Matthew Ballard
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    This rule can be found here, which the top post in the trading section.

    I am glad that you have finally provided some details. Did you file a mail fraud claim?
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    What type of mail fraud can be filed with a gentlemans hand shake? He gave his word, I had the figure sent.
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