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    This past Thursday night Star Wars in Concert was in Bossier City, Louisiana. As members of the 501st/Rebel Legion, Erica and I were able to get in for free and work the event. This past October we had gone to see the event in Dallas, and really enjoyed it. It was very crowded though, so it was difficult to appreciate all the displays. Bossier is a much smaller venue, with smaller crowds. Having already seen the concert, it was cool to see it from behind the scenes.

    We had a great time in Bossier. The prop displays were spread out around the arena, making it much easier to view and or navigate around then in Dallas.

    Joshua, Erica, and I arrived right at 5:00pm. We met with Kiersten (the event coordinator), who was very welcoming. She got us situated and after some pleasant conversation left us to get ready. After we were ready, the orchestra was finished with rehearsal and came upstairs near us for a break and to eat pizza. A number of them posed with us for pictures and asked questions. Apparently they normally don't get much of an oppotunity to meet with the costumed volunteers. Afterwards, we checked out the displays for a few moments before getting in place to pose for pictures.

    I was in my Royal Guard and Erica as ANH Leia. Joshua did an expert job as handler, helping with crowd control, photo taking, and distributing Legion info to those interested. We posed for pictures from 6-7:30 or so. Then we then took a quick break, found our seats and caught one performance before heading back out in time for Intermission. Following intermission, we changed back into street clothes, took our gear out to the car, and came back in to catch the final two pieces. Overall, a fun night.

    Joshua's pictures can be found here:

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