STARCONUK Londin Autograph Show

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  1. AmShak

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    STARCONUK London Autograph Show

    September 23 & 24
    Kempton Park Racecourse

    Click here for all of the Information


    Mickey Rooney
    Beau Bridges - Stargate SG-1
    Dan Payne - Stargate SG-1 & SGA
    erin Gray - Buck Rogers
    John Cothran Junior - Star Trek

    more ....

    Star Wars Guests
    Jack Mackenze - ESB
    Julian Glover - ESB
    Andy Secombe - TPM & AOTC
    Gibb Sutherland - TPM
    Derek Lyons - ANH
    Kamay Lau - TPM
    John Coppinger - ROTJ & TPM
    Femi Taylor - ROTJ
    Richard Bonehill - ESB & ROTJ
    Alan Harris - ROTJ
    Tim Dry - ROTJ
    Sean Crawford - ROTJ
    Chris Parsons - ESB
    Christine Hewett - ANH
    Toby Philpott - ROTJ
    Barrie Holland - ROTJ
    Lightning Bear - ANH, ESB & ROTJ
    Noel Hawkins - ANH
    Stephen Fitzalan - ROTJ
    Rusty Goffe - ANH
    Dean Mitchell - ROTS
    Ian Liston - ESB
    Terry Sach - ROTJ
    Adam J Smith - ROTS
    Christian Simpson - TPM
    Jerry Baker - ANH
    Mike Mongarven - ANH
    Peter Roy - ANH

    More Info Here

    Autograph sessions, dealer stands, photo opportunities, guest talks, screenings and more. Click Here for all of the info.
  2. AmShak

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  3. Borsk

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    Where's Londin?
  4. Darth Boru

    Darth Boru Celtic Sith

    In Englind
  5. AmShak

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    yeah, yeah...
    now I made everyone in Englind mad at me

    I did that very early this morning, so if that's the only mistake, i'm glad
  6. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    ;) nice

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