'Star Wars' Scribe To Take On 'Gargoyle'

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    Columbia Pictures has hired Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones scribe Jonathan Hales to adapt the long-dormant comicbook 'The Gargoyle'. Variety says the deal will earn Hales a mid-six-figure sum for the script and a salary in the low-seven figures if the film gets made.
    Hales said his script has "actually very little connection" with the Marvel comic book's storyline. Describing his script as "a mother/son tale" about a young, imaginative boy who spends much of his free time talking to a gargoyle statue on top of his apartment building. This gargoyle comes to life when a 100-year-old curse is lifted, and it begins a hunt for the talisman that will return it to permanent flesh-and-blood form.
    The original was penned by J.M. DeMatteis and drawn by Mark Badger, and was published in a limited series from June through September 1985.

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