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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by BarneyFife, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. BarneyFife

    BarneyFife New Recruit

    I would like to get into the star wars RPG or CCG, can anyone tell me what to get or where to go or anyhting?
  2. Vader's Obsession

    Vader's Obsession New Recruit

    I can help with the ccg. Try at a comic, card or hobby store. They should have some pre-constructed decks (they did pre-con decks for the Premiere, Special Edition and Death Star II sets). Any of them would do, but the Premiere and Special Edition are the best for starting out, plus they have instructions included with the deck. If you can't find them at stores, try some online sites. is a fairly good site, and try They may only have these pre-con decks listed as sold by the case, but ask them for just one. E-bay is also an excellent, and cheap, source for ccg's.

    Some people find the original swccg too complicated, so they instead play Young Jedi, which has much simpler rules. This also has pre-constructed decks available, but only from the first three series (Menace of Darth Maul, Jedi Council and Battle of Naboo). I personally don't like this game as much, but its worth considering.

    If you can't find a pre-constructed deck anywhere, get a bunch of booster packs from the Special Edition set (Premiere is better, but its more expensive - you can get SE booster packs fairly cheap-definitely do this on e-bay) and then go to It will have the rules for playing the game and, I believe, it has instructions on how to build decks. If you need more help, just leave another post in this thread.
  3. BarneyFife

    BarneyFife New Recruit

    Ok, I will try on cue. Do i need 2 players or can i just play agianst myself? How do i decide what cards are best?
  4. Redleader

    Redleader New Recruit

    Most bookstores have the RPG stuff. I just picked up the SW Invasion of Theed set. It comes with dice, a map and books, plus it comes with the exclusive figure Rorworr! It takes at least 2 people to play the game.

    I just bought the set for the figure, so I haven't tried the game out.
  5. BarneyFife

    BarneyFife New Recruit

    I really wouldn't be interested in ep 1 stuff. For myself, I would like to play in an rpg as a rebel engineer. Give me an R2, a Power Prybar, laser cutter wleders and a scrap heap, and i can build you a star fleet
  6. Vader's Obsession

    Vader's Obsession New Recruit

    Same with ccg's: you've got to have two players. As for what cards are best, you'll learn that as you go. Read the instructions that decipher post, or that comes with your cards (I found the booklets that came with the pre-con decks to be very useful). These instructions will tell you about how each type of card works, and what all the numbers mean. The pre-con decks come with all the cards you need to play a game, so it makes it easier playing the first time.

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