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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Talon, Nov 6, 2001.

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    I had a chance to check out a few stores today and here is what I have to report...

    Kendall Wal-Mart: Other than the Sabe wave there is nothing exciting to report. No 12" Luke and Yoda or Deluxe figures.

    FL. City Wal-Mart: Same as the Kendall location except that they had 1 Darth Vader Palm Talker. They also had the second set of 12" figs, the Death Star wave.

    Cutler Ridge Target: 5 of the Luke & Speederbike 12". There were also two Shmi's and 1 JT Obi-Wan. They had some of the older figs as well, mostly the Sabe wave. They also had the first run of 12" Bounty Hunters.

    Cutler Ridge K-Mart: Tons of Gungan Warriors and Coruscant Guards. That was it. No Deluxe figs either :(

    Cutler Ridge TRU: What a waste of time. They don't have squat!
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    Located in Miami Dade, Aventura Mall's FAO Schwarz now has two of the 25th anniversary two-packs going for $20 a piece.

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