Some are doubting Lightning Bear was in SW

Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by Sevb30, May 11, 2008.

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  1. darthskellington

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    In the case of Cy Town, he was an extra, most likely during the Emperor's Arrival/Vader's Arrival scene in ROTJ. As far as his career is concerned, ROTJ was barely a blip on the radar. On the other hand, he was a Dalek operator on Doctor Who for years. While is is happy to sign for fans, he is very frustrated by being bombarded with SW mail, and would like to be disassociated with it altogether. This is something he makes note of every time he signs a ttm request. As such, he won't talk about it because he doesn't want to fan the fires, so to speak.

    It's a pretty safe bet he was on the set as a trooper or officer, and he doesn't want to advertise it.
  2. Pedge Jameson

    Pedge Jameson Falls down for no reason.

    Well according to Bear this means we can all be in the movies!!
    If anyone wants my autograph for the work I did in Harry Potter lemme know!!
    Just send the provided picture and I'll sign.
  3. Pedge Jameson

    Pedge Jameson Falls down for no reason.

    My girlfreind Rosetta was the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Just look at that CGI!!
    (BTW, Rosetta beat my ass for this picture, hope you enjoy. LOL)
  4. Pedge Jameson

    Pedge Jameson Falls down for no reason.

    Oh you know it's funny. :p
    Not even about Lightning now, it's about my photoshop work and the lack of.
  5. kimbro1972

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  6. Holla300

    Holla300 The Best Bounty

    You say don't say anything if we don't have proof but shouldn't Lightning and you have proof if you say he is in the films? I'm not disrespecting you or him but I think everyone would like some proof to that. He is the one that needs proof not us.
  7. kimbro1972

    kimbro1972 Fan From The Beginning!

    Wrong. If you are going to make these accusations, you should back them up with some sort of proof. Otherwise, don't say anything.

    If you make a claim in court and are unable to prove your claim, the case is thrown out.

    I am not the one who needs to provide any proof. I'm not the one saying that Lightning Bear wasn't in the movies. It is the posters on this thread who are doing that.

    Again, if you have any proof that he was not in the "Star Wars" films, offer it so the readers can see it. Otherwise, keep quiet.
  8. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    Well according to that I might as well say I was a Mos Eisley Citizen. You have no proof that says I wasn't. But if I really want people to take me seriously, I would offer some evidence that says I was.

    And with your court case example it goes exactly the same way for Lightning. He claims he was in Star Wars yet I have yet to see proof offered from him that he was.
  9. Holla300

    Holla300 The Best Bounty

    I'll make this simple for you. Lightning Bear was not in Star Wars. Not even in the credits for the stunts.
  10. pushican

    pushican Lightning Bear

    Hello everyone, it is Lightning Bear! I have always had great respect for this site and the things that have been posted and the people I have met through it. I found out through a fan about this thread. Whether people believe me or not is of little concern to me.

    What I will take exception to is the reference to my Mother. My mother is dead and has been for a long time. For the person who wrote about her, you should check things to see if they are living or dead and how you harm the memory of them. The other is to the person who also has no respect for the dead and their memory. You put the head of Iron Eyes Cody on a Stormtrooper. Iron Eyes was the most famous Indian in Hollywood. He was the first Indian to work their and had a long career. He was a close friend and we work together many times. This was not only in films, but also culturally within our Indian Nations. What you say about me is each person choice and their right. But let’s leave the dead out of this. Especially, the Indian dead. My Indian people have endured much, survived and continue to live. Let not demean them further please!

    This year has not been a great one for me so far for 2 reasons. 1. Is for the reason of finding out that I have cancer and 2. Is that this past June having a Heart Attack requiring to Stents placed in my heart and now facing the possibility of Bypass surgery. I was going to be telling everyone of my retirement soon anyway. But these are my problems and my families. The only thing that is important to me now is my kids and my new Granddaughter and the time I have to spend with them.

    What hurts me the most I think is the fact that there are those that you thought were friends you find are not. People that you work with, share good times with and even spend time in each others homes for a number of days that will turn against you over a stupid argument about a person of history. You find they send spies to see how things are instead of having the courage themselves. This is also complicated by people in high places that when they invite you to appear, make statements when they found out I am Comanche and since they live in Texas, say to others that he thought they had killed all of my people long ago.

    So I leave you all this. Life is to short and too precious to waste time like this. Enjoy your lives while you can, cherish your families and especially the children and give thanks for each day, each moment you can be with them.

    I will leave you all now with a little wisdom from my culture. When one hears words against another, seek out the other person and ask to hear his words. Then seek the middle to find where the truth may really lay.

    I wish to thank everyone for their kindness to me and their friendliness when we have had the chance to meet.


    Lightning Bear
  11. Doc Greedo

    Doc Greedo New Recruit

    Lightning Bear is a fraud, looks like. The late Peter Diamond said he was never on the set of any Star Wars movie.

    What Steve Sansweet said:

    What Mark Dermul ( Said:

  12. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    Doc, is that email directly from Sansweet, to you? If so, can you print it as a PDF, and share it with us? I'd love to have a copy of it, for future use.

    I also thought I'd posted this here, but here's some additional info I'd posted awhile ago elsewhere:

    Since there's renewed interest in this, I've compiled additional info I've found out regarding him:

    First off, he is NOT a Comanche Indian. How do I know this? I simply called up the Comanche Nation itself, spoke with the people in the Enrollment department who told me that the name Pushican or Lightning Bear isn't even Comanche in origin, despite his claims:
    In fact, they said they've heard of him before, as a fake.

    Secondly, he is NOT a member of SAG as he claims as part of his interview:
    Here's proof he's not:
    I even called them up asked about some other aliases that are associated with him, and they said that no one by that name had ever been a member of SAG.

    Next, he claims to have met with Hal Needham of Stunts Unlimited:
    So I thought I'd check up with Stunts Unlimited:
    They've never heard of him, and Hal never confirmed whether or not he knew LB.
  13. Doc Greedo

    Doc Greedo New Recruit

  14. Skywalker

    Skywalker New Recruit

    At least he wasn't a stormtrooper, because he is much too tall: 6' 5" (1.96 m), same as Dave Prowse! The guys who played the stormtroopers are between 5' 10" (1.78 m) and approx. 6' 1" (1.85 m), because otherwise the armors wouldn't fit.
  15. Victor_Von_Doom

    Victor_Von_Doom All that is man

  16. Doc Greedo

    Doc Greedo New Recruit

    Holy cow! :eek:
  17. ryboflavin72

    ryboflavin72 Wookie Veterinarian

    man, this is soo freakin weird.
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