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    News from r2dtoys ...
    We have a fantastic new stock item - SILVER R2-D2 !! Our price is just £23 (around $34) and we are shipping worldwide NOW !!
    Shipping includes a FREE Star Case and will cost £2 if in the UK, £3 if in Europe or ANYWHERE else in the World ! This is just $4.50 - expressair.
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    Update from

    Hello everybody,


    We are now offering a FREE Jedicon 2001 C-3PO figure to the person whose invoice number = 2018. This is a great figure and limited in production to just 2000 pieces according to the Management from the show ! It is a very hard to find figure and fully authorised by Hasbro, please email us if you need an image. To qualify, all you do is by something - ANYTHING - from our website in October. Good luck ! Also, please see some of the other News websites for other great competitions we are sponsoring. These include,, TPU,, the bothan spy,,, galactic senate....and more.


    Chrome 25th Anniversary Edition R2-D2 £23 incl. FREE Star Case ! This is approx. $35 - shipping to the UK is just £2. Europe, America, Japan and ROtW = just £3 !!!

    This figure is rumoured to be a TRU mail-in later this year, as yet full details are unknown - categorised as PROMO ONLY. Remember the Mace Windu mailaway from had to buy some figures and mail away some cash.....this may or may not be the same. To beat the rush and to avoid disappointment now, hurry while stocks last.....once it`s sold out we will not get them again ! This is available now - weeks before official release in the World !

    Jango Fett Pilot £6 each or 2 for £10 !!

    Clone Trooper Pilot £6 each

    Ephant Mon (as yet unreleased in the USA) £7 each

    Lott Dod


    Tusken Raider w/ Massiff

    Plus many other great items !!

    Please check the website under NEW for our latest arrivals


    Star Tours droids from Disney £10 each !!

    Star Tours accessories (blaster, saber etc)

    Republic Gunship PRE-ORDER NOW for just £35 ! Lowest price in Europe !

    Star Wars holiday figure set

    The list is simply too long....please remember to checkout our website for full details on SPECIALS, and yet-to-be-released toys found in our unique COMING SOON section.

    We are still awaiting an arrival date of 12" Ki Adi Mundi, but he IS confirmed and the price is also confirmed at just £25.....please keep watching. We always come through in the end.

    We have limited stocks of the CLEAN biker scout trooper from the POTJ line and a few commtech Princess Leia (hooded), Ree Yees, Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, Naboo Guard etc....we are yet to add many products to the site but they will be added next week.

    Finally, we are closed for all retail trade from Friday 11th until Tuesday 15th October. Our website will remain active and you can still order online as usual, but please take note that shipping will be delayed after today until Tuesday.

    When we return, we will have a new NewsLetter for you and a fantastic deal NOT to be missed....please keep watching your in-boxes and remind your friends. Introduction discounts are offered to all our customers (in case you forgot) !

    With thanks, see you all soon.....

    your loyal team
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    I feel really really, really really, really really, really really, really really, really really, really really, bad for the people who spent 80 bucks on this figure at ebay. I gonna be patient and wait.

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