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    Here's a checklist I've compiled of ceramic items by Sigma. Mostly from Tomart's, as well as my own collection. I don't own any of the non-mug/figurine sigma items, so I'm not aware of variations or how to tell some of them apart.

    I've also included a list of Ceramic mugs by Applause and NECA. If yous e any errors, let me know. I'll update as I come across other info.
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    Sigma Figurines

    Bib Fortuna
    Boba Fett
    Darth Vader
    Galactic Emperor
    Gamorrean Guard
    Han Solo
    Lando Calrissian
    Luke Skywalker
    Princess Leia
    Wicket W. Warrick

    NOTE: The hang tag checklists that came with the figurines also listed Jabba and the Rebo Band. Jabba is actually a bank and the Rebo Band was a music box. I think a Biker Scout might have been listed too, but was never produced. I don't have a tag handy at the moment.

    Sigma Mugs

    Biker Scout
    Darth Vader
    Gamorrean Guard
    Han Solo (Hoth)
    Lando Calrissian (Skiff)
    Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
    Princess Leia
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    Other Sigma Items

    Chewbacca Bank
    Yoda Bank
    Jabba the Hutt Bank
    Darth Vader (Anodized Silver) metal Bank
    Yoda S&P Shakers
    R2 & R5 S&P Shakers
    R2-D2 String Dispenser/Scissors
    Yoda Vase
    C-3PO Pencil Tray
    C-3PO Tape Dispenser
    Yoda Tumbler/Pencil Cup
    C-3PO Picture Frame
    R2-D2 Picture Frame
    Darth Vader Picture Frame
    Snowspeeder Toothbrush Holder
    Landspeeder Soap Dish
    Yoda Backpack Box
    Darth Vader Mirror
    Luke/Taun Taun Teapot
    Stormtrooper Cup/Box
    Yoda Candlestick Holder
    Yoda Tumbler/Pencil Box
    Hoth Turret w/C-3PO Music Box
    Rebo Band Music Box
    Ewoks Music Box
    Hexagonal Cookie Jar (features Vader & Droids)
    Vader/Chewie Bookends

    Set of 4 Coffee mugs
    Plate, Bowl, Mug set
    set of 4 vinyl placemats
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    Applause did an excellent line ceramic mugs surpassing the quality of the Sigma mugs. They all look very impressive, with perhaps the human characters being the least interesting of the lot. (On a side note, Applause also produced a similar line of ceramic Star Trek character mugs).

    For AOTC, NECA produced many of the products Applause had previously had the rights to. Unfortunately, the product quality of many of NECA's early properties was dismal. (This included items for Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beetlejuice. It appears NECA has improved upon their initial offerings with higher quality products in their Kill Bill, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Carribean lines.)

    NECA produced two ceramic mugs: Jango Fett and a Clone Trooper. These paled in comparison to Applause's mugs, but looked almost as good as the Sigma line.

    Galerie produced a few ceramic items in 2005, availble at Target, Toys R Us, and possibly other retailers. Though quality and detail was lacking on the smaller items, the price point was good (approx $4). The large cookie jars were extremely well done, and also well priced ($15-$20). I found a mystery CHewbacca goblet listed on eBay. Other items may exist as well.

    Cards, Inc. appears to have produced a line of ceramic items in 2005 for the UK market. This included standard-shaped coffee mugs, and at least 2 figural mugs, as well as 3 cookie jars.

    Applause Mugs

    Bib Fortuna
    Boba Fett
    Darth Maul
    Darth Vader
    Darth Vader (Silver)
    Emperor Palpatine
    Gamorrean Guard
    Han Solo
    Jar Jar Binks
    Luke Skywalker
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Princess Leia
    Tusken Raider

    NECA Mugs

    Jango Fett
    Clone Trooper

    Galerie Mugs/Containers

    Darth Vader

    Chewbacca Goblet
    Darth Vader Cookie Jar
    C-3PO Cookie Jar

    Cards, Inc. Mugs/Cookie Jars (these appear to be UK only items)

    Clone Trooper (ROTS) Mug
    Darth Vader Mug

    various standard shape coffee mugs with ROTS themes

    R2-D2 cookie jar
    Clone Trooper bust cookie jar
    Red Shock Trooper bust cookie jar (limited to 250)

    NOTE: There are many, many high end cookie jars produced by a company in the late 1990s that deserve their own thread. Anyone have expertise on these?
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    Again, thanks for the compliments and amazing links. I need to start visiting your site more often. You've got info on all the stuff I don't own :p

    And you have a set of the Applause mugs! I'm quite envious :worship:
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    Updated the list with the ceramic products produced by Galerie in 2005. These items were primarily available at Target, but also at Toys R Us and possibly other places.

    These included 2 cookie jars: Vader (roughly 9" tall) and C-3PO (about 11", or life-size).

    Also three mugs (or cup-like) containers: Chewbacca, Vader, and R2-D2.

    All came with packs of M&Ms.

    While researchng this on e-bay, I cound a Chewbacca goblet also produced by Galerie, although I'd never seen or heard of this before. It's kinda goopfy looking. :p
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    Got any current pics of these Skel? The links in the thread seem to be dead now.

    I'm aware of a bunch of Beer Steins that might fit into this category, some pretty cool. Dont have details of manufacturer etc to hand, but can find out.
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    Hmmm....I noticed on of R2 Dee 2's other photos is gone in another thread. :( I don't have a full set, but I could try and post some pics from my colelction sometime. Ebay is full of pics of vintage Sigma items. Applause s fairly common too. With teh exception of that Chewiee Goblet and teh Vader cookie Jar, no Galerie pics on ebay as of that post.
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    Those goblets were Halloween 2005 items, I think there was a Yoda one too. I never saw them myself, but I read about them and I think Alf saw them at Target.
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    New Update.....I've discovered MORE figural ceramic mugs! Created for ROTS, Cards Inc. had produced a ROTS Clone Trooper and reportedly a Darth Vader. They have also created several normal shaped coddee mugs with various themes. Additionally, they have at least 3 ceramic cookie jars: R2-D2, Clone Trooper, and Red Shock Trooper (ltd. 250). These all appear to be marketed only in the UK! As of today all are on ebay in various auctions. I'll try and produce images sometime soon.
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    Yes Boru, Applause and perhaps other companies produced a number of beer steins. There were three basic for each classic movie, as well as some super-fancy character themed steins/tankards. If you have a pretty good idea of what is out there, perhaps you could post a list and description in it's own thread. :)
  13. Darth Boru

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    New thread started, with some photos. Apologies for large size of photo (dowload will be slow for those on dial up), my skills inthe image management area are barely Padawan....
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    NECA Photo and another update

    I received the latest Entertainment Earth catalog in the mail today. In it was yet another ceramic figural mug from an unknown maker. It is of Darth Vader and has a that Vader has a full helmet. I look more into this soon.

    Also, here is a pic of the two NECA mugs, along with a silk-screened "Heroes" mug from AOTC, also by NECA. I recently won these off eBay, and have yet to clean them up and remove the stickers. Once I do, I might post abetter picture.

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    Also have these:
    Yoda Cookie Jar

    More Cookie Jars:shot:
  16. Bounty CK

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    Some mugs from UK:)

    Also there are some mugs released in Japan.Will post pics later:spin:
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    Wow...thanks for the pics CK! That Fett cookie jar is very inpressive. And now i'm almost certain I'll never have a set of the UK mugs. :p At least not at a reasonable price. Oh well.
  18. Bounty CK

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    Agree.The Fett cookie jar is awesome but sold out in a long time ago:bash:
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    Some more coming:)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Death Star:cool:
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