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  1. AmShak

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    This covers more than just the 4" figures, but i'd like to know what your definition of a scalper is. I've debated this with others and i'm curious of you views.
  2. richkulach

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    My view

    My view on these guys is quite simple. If you buy all the popular figures, then sell to put food on your table, then you are a scalper. If you buy a few extras, sell them, then put that money back into the hobby, then that is OK, because you are moving more figures, Hasbro sees more demand, then we get more new figures.

    Mabey its not really that simple...but that is how I feel about this.

    Rich Kulach
  3. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    while we're going on this thread, let me ask this........

    How often, when you're hunting for figures, do you come across a kid/child shopping for star wars figures.

    I've heard this used in these types of debates and i find it curious, because the only other people i ever see looking at the star wars products are guys like me, and an occasional chic.

    I don't support scalping, but i think that it has many many levels, so let me know what you think.
  4. BlueHarvest

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    My idea of a scalper...

    My definition of a scalper is someone who is just in it for the cash... Not a fan, just hitchin' a ride on the ol' bandwagon!
    Some comic shops are good examples... When Slave Leia first came out, a local shop was selling her for $60... Mind you, the person who paid that had something wrong in the brain cavity!

    It's hard to tell, especially here in Canada, our dollar is so crappy right now...sigh. And if we want to mail a parcel out...holy crap!!! Canada Post really sticks it to us! We sometimes even have to pay $$$ to pick up a parcel, and that gets costly as well.
    So, when stores bring in SW goodies, they have to mark up the price, just to break even (sometimes). We do however, have trouble with card benders... Those types of scum REALLY P!$$ ME OFF!!!!
    POTJ fig's at Wal-Mart sell for just over $9 after tax. And at TRU, they want over $11 (sometimes they price match)... 12" figures sell from $30 to $40... Exclusives...well, we didn't get them much here in Canada. In the past we did get some like the electronic 3P0 and R2, 2 pack... Electronic Vader, EP1 Portrait Editions, 100th Luke and Tie-Interceptor. I may have missed a few, but that's about it. If we had Target's, FAO's or KB stores, then it would be a different story.
    My guess is that we will never get rid of scalpers, they are like herpes... Ya can't get rid of them! :hurl:
  5. han solo

    han solo Friend of a Wookie

    thats my words to a tee!!:saber: :D :D :saber:
  6. Barada

    Barada Saboteur

    I agree wholeheartedly. I think, like Amshak said, there are different levels of being a scalper. In some instances, price inflating may be justified. The following are my examples of when it's okay to inflate prices.

    1) You overpaid to acquire the item. Now all you want to do is make back what you put into it. A good case in point here is the Fan Club, with their outrageous shipping prices, at least to Canada.

    2) You own a store, and you have to charge a little more per figure to help cover your overhead. As long as you keep your prices the same across the board, and don't add, say, 30% to your shortpack in a case.

    3) Trade bait. If you pick up an extra of something, knowing it's extremely rare, and you already have one, even though it's a borderline situation, I'd accept this under one condition. Someone may have done the same thing with a rare item you need, and using these rare items as trade material is fair, as long as you keep your values attached to it reasonable.

    4) The rare item in question is no longer shipping in any current assortment. Once it stops being a regularly shipped item, then I think prices can go up little. Remember, though, it's only worth what someone will pay for it, so keep the prices concurrent with what it might sell on ebay for, and it would be nice if the price were a little lower than that.

    Scalpers, at least the worst kind, are the idiots who hang around toy departments every day, learn when items are received and placed on the floor, and make contacts with employees in those departments. If you are hunting them down with the sole purpose if reselling them at skyhigh prices, and have no interest in keeping the items yourself, then you are the most vile of scalpers.
  7. Deathstar

    Deathstar Visit vacation paradise!

    I look at these dirtbags as Scalpers and Bounty Hunters.

    Scalpers: Rats who grab all the figures of SW and other products and sell on WePay!

    BountyHunters: Snakes who also gobble up the latest SW, Simpsons and other popular products to scalp in comic book stores, Malls and at local toy shows. These dirtbags are sent out by store owners to clean off the shelves early in the day.

    I know by observation of how they operate. Old dirty car or truck filled with trash or other refuse. Can always be spotted in front of Target, TRU and Walmarts waiting for them to open. once inside with shopping cart will clean the pegs. open cases on the floor and at times slip a few bucks to the stockperson.
    I talked to one of these rats once and was told about the rewards of profiting on the secondary market. I'm never against anyone making a buck on their investment, But scalping for The Man is too much! Rant Over!:scatter:
  8. Talon

    Talon New Recruit

    My definition of a scalper

    Here are my views. Everybody will have their own opinion as to what they view as scalping.

    1) Any person who buys an item for retail and sells it for more than that price, regardless of the circumstances, is scalping.

    I know of an individual who works the receiving area of a local Toys 'R' us. This slime hordes all of the new items as they come in. Before he leaves he purchases the items and then takes them to the local comic shop. When the TRU's had their big clearance sales and the AT-AT was $10, this guy did that. The local comic shop were selling them for $65! That is a $55 profit!!
    I have major problems with issues like this. Some people have to work a full-time job and don't have the luxury of being able to wait in front of stores when they open.
  9. richkulach

    richkulach New Recruit


    Hold on one second!!!!!! $10 AT-AT?!?!?!?! I have look far and wide for an AT-AT and the best price I see is $80!! I saw one at TRU a long time ago. but definatly no clearance.

    I hope the Girl Friend picks up that AT-AT for me for X-Mas. That would be sweet.

  10. Talon

    Talon New Recruit

    Yeah hard to imagine the AT-AT going for a mere $10, but it is true. This was the summer of 2000 I believe. There were many a clearance at TRU's here in the States.
    I never did see one for $10 as they were always scalped out instantly. I ended up getting mine at K B Toys for $30, which isn't bad either.
  11. Deathstar

    Deathstar Visit vacation paradise!


    All is true with the $9.95 AT-AT TRU price. In my neck of the woods, the AT-AT's sat around for a few weeks. Most I saw was about 25 in one TRU. They stacked them up on the middle of the floor with the $9.95 X-Wing Fighters (Electronic) and the 12" Han Solo on the TT. :flame: That was Summer of 2000. It was just Christmas! :D
  12. Barada

    Barada Saboteur

    $10 AT-AT's

    I have read lots of reports the last couple of years about TRU having huge blowout prices. I posted once before about the U.S. exclusives that are never produced for the Canadian market. The same thing goes for blowout sales. Our TRU waited until about a year ago to sell off their Star Wars overstock, and that consisted of only about 8 different items. That is the only MAJOR sale they have ever had as far as I'm aware. We have no stories of 100 figures in a bin at $1 a piece from TRU.

    Earlier this year, around late June, Wal-Mart had a huge sale on Star Wars stuff. It consisted of the first 2 waves of Episode I figures (all super common), Naboo Starships, and a few of the smaller vehicles and action fleet items. We never saw POTF2 items get clearance sales.

    Man, I really should move to the States. :)


    P.S. Anyone want to sell me a $10 AT-AT? I'll take 5, and build a really bombad army. (Yeah right, lol)
  13. Redleader

    Redleader New Recruit

    A scalper? Someone who buys a figure at retail for the purpose of selling it for a large profit. We've all ran into those types of people before. It's hard to explain exactly. You can also tell a scalper from his character. Even when on the internet you can get a feel of how a person is and their intentions....the bad ones are usually scalpers.

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