Pics of Luke and Scout Trooper on Speederbike

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Borsk, Nov 3, 2001.

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    Nice job!

    Thanks for the excellent pics on the 12" Luke & Speeder bike, Borsk. In the last pic frame, these are the best shots of the figure and box that I have seen. A while back, I tried to discribe the new POTJ box in a prior post, but these pics are worth 1000 words. I also love the shot in the third frame of a early proto bike with the weathered and scratched up look. As a military modeler we call that the ' In Action" look. Wish the bike in the box had that look! :p
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    Actually, I can't take credit for the pictures. One of our staff members sent them in. Ishi Tib is responsible for this set of pictures along with the Deluxe Maul and Deluxe Bacta Luke sets. I gave him credit on the front page, but neglected to give him credit in the forums.

    So, thanks to Ishi Tib for the photos. :rotate:
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    Yup-Yup! Gotta get one!

    Excellent pic's!

    The figure itself looks really well done... The fabric, weapon and helmet look excellent! Good face sculpt! The speeder is awesome, but it would of been nice to see some surface damage to make it different from the Biker Scout Speeder... Anyway, two thumbs up to Hasbro for another excellent 12" figure.

    :D :saber:

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