Old GI Joe cartoons (with SW sound fx)

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by darthskellington, Jan 31, 2009.

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    Last night Erica and I watched the GI Joe mini-series: The Revenge of Cobra...which is a five episode arc featureing the weather dominator. I bought one of those battle packs thta comes with a dvd and a piece of the MASS device. I haven't seen any old Joe cartoons in several years now. It was quite entertaining...but a little on the cheesy side now. Much of the dialogue consisted of every conceiveable character shouting Yo Joe with various inflection...or alternatively shouting Cobra. Yooooooo Joe! Cooooooooooooooobraaaaaaaa!

    I told Erica we should have GI Joe day where we only speak as Joe or Cobra personnel. It would go somethign like this:

    Erica: Cobra. Cobra cobra cobra?

    Warren: Yo Joe! Yoooo joe yo joe yo joe.

    Erica: Cobraaa!


    Erica: I'm bored. Wanna watch tv?
    Warren: Sure! I'll put in some Family Guy.
    Erica: Yay!

    Anyway, I noticed some suspiciously Star Wars sounds while watching the episodes. Most notable was Zartan. Whenever he changes color, his silver armor would change color and flas h red. Whenever this happened, it made a lightsaber sound. Not kinda lightsabery...I mean, literally it was a sample lifted form Star Wars...complete with the energy hum and crackle of the blade contacting another blade.

    Another sound effect that may or may not have been sampled was Artoo Detoo's whistles. In this episode they used the Pack Rats....which is actually some abreviation for some armed battlefield robots. They used them to destroy some Cobra robots, and when they were done, the two robots looked at each other and made Artoo-like noises.

    The elevator doors opening in one scene also sounded suspicioujsly like Star Trek turbolift doors opening.

    Anyway, it was fun to watch.

  2. Jedi Daniel

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    The original Transformers animated series has many Star Wars sound effects too. Seems like it was a common thing to do in the 80's.

    Speaking of GI Joe, have you ever seen Fensler? If not, YouTube, it's hilarious!
  3. IG-PPO

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    A few weeks ago I watched Operation DragonFire which was the first mini series made by DIC after the Sunbow serie ended with the GI Joe movie. I liked that mini-series compared with the crappy series that follow it. Yeah, the Sunbow serie was campy but it has some memorable episodes. (Cold Slither, the Viper one, and the one where the Baroness spend the entire episode in a red bikini. ) :)

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