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    Giveaway Time !«
    The one person who places their order whose invoice number is 829 (this is not an order number, and we are currently at invoice number 714), will receive a FREE Silver Anniversary R2-D2 when we get them in stock ! To qualify, all you have to do is buy something ! All orders are processed in chronological order according to its receipt on our SSL server. In no way are the 2 numbers connected, giving you a truly random and real chance of winning this great prize !«

    New Arrivals:
    For the last time ever, we have received final stocks of the Tatooine Skiff vehicle with Luke Jedi. This was a USA Target store exclusive and is very hard to find right now. Priced at £44 each.«

    Coming into stock on Tuesday is the long-awaited 25th Anniversary X-Wing fighter ! We are getting very small numbers and taking your pre-order now ! All X-Wings will be shipped the day we get them. Priced £49 each.«

    We also expect the new Darth Maul and Anakin figures towards the end of next week, and repeat stocks of Obi-Wan Pilot. We are now accepting pre-orders. Priced £6 each.«

    We still have limited stocks of Chewbacca Cloud City Capture at £6 each and hope to get the new Teemto and Ki Adi Mundi figures in larger numbers at the regular £6 price by next Friday, we will keep you posted.«

    Gen Y figures UNLEASHED Darth Maul & Jango Fett are on sale as pre-orders for £13 each too, again in small numbers, being shipped to you on Tuesday.

    A pre-order at means you are guaranteed your order, we will not offer pre-orders against products where we are uncertain of arrival date or price. A pre-order means we are guaranteed of receipt, and so are you.«

    More General News is found in our online store report forum here


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