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    Here is a quick update from about some great
    new arrivals!«

    PROWL & JAZZ UPDATE: Our Shipments leave Japan next week, we still have
    remaining guaranteed stock so feel free to reserve a set that we guarantee
    to deliver! Gold Jazz & Bluestreak exclusive set arrives next week, we
    still have some open pre-orders on those as well.«

    MARVEL LEGENDS: We have received a surprise shipment of these with the
    updated Hulk figure with the plastic articulated hands (versus the rubber
    unjointed hands on previous releases) The other figures are back in stock
    as well!«

    BANDAI USA GUNDAM FIGURES: We have received 15 new Bandai USA figures and
    restocked some previously sold out figures. New figures include: Mega
    sized, Moblile Rider & Horse Sets. Deluxe 4.5 and Basic 4.5 inch. Many
    great looking figures in stock.«

    LORD OF THE RINGS FIGURES: We have recieved the new 12" Gimli, Aragorn,
    and Galadriel figures - $19.99 each. We also still have Travelling Bilbo,
    Elrond and more.«

    GI JOE: 5 new 12" GI Joe vs. Cobra Figures are in stock as well as Korean
    War Army 12" figure. Many Chinese carded, Funskool, and 3.75" GI Joe vs.
    Cobra figures are also in stock«

    SIDESHOW MILITARY/HISTORICAL: Six Gun Legends - Crazy Horse & General
    Custer. Bayonets & Barbed Wire US 5th Marine Rifleman, and Brotherhood of
    Arms 26th Alabama & 100th Pennsylvania are all in stock for $29.99 each.
    Sideshow has put some beautiful detailing into these historically accurate

    TRANSFORMERS: We have restocked the JBW Seacons/God Neptune loose bagged
    set. More Vintage Cyclonus are in stock (substandard box only with robot
    points cut out of the back) More Ghost Starscream have also arrived. Be
    sure to check out the dozens of other great TF items we have in stock.«

    STAR WARS: Playskool Millenium Falcon Adventure set has arrived in
    limited quantities, and we also now have the Snowspeeder set and AT-ST
    with Speederbike set.«

    Heaps of more news can be found in our Online Store Report Forum here

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