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    Here is a quick update from about some new
    arrivals and an Armada update:«

    ARMADA UPDATE & PAYMENT SCHEDULE - Please read the message at the bottom
    of this email if you have Armada items on pre-order with us.«


    SIMPSONS SERIES 9 & MORE: Series 9, Series 8 Playsets - Police Station,
    and Retirement Castle, and Celebrity Wave 2 are all in stock!«

    LORD OF THE RINGS: Travelling Bilbo is now in stock! We have also
    received more Aragorn, Elrond, and Orc Warrior. Also in stock: Boromir &
    Lurtz 2-pack and other items.«

    MCFARLANE BASEBALL SERIES 2: Bonds, Jeter, Garciaparra, Wood, Rodriguez,
    Griffer Jr., Clemens & More in stock - $9.99 each!«

    GI-JOE: We have received 10 new carded older GI Joe figures - chinese
    cards and we have a wide selection of Hasbro 3.75 and 12 inch figures in
    stock as well as many Funskool figures and vehicles.«

    JAPANESE BEAST WARS & TRANSFORMERS: We have received the C-1 Gray
    variation of Optimus Primal Ape. Vintage Japanese boxed Cyclonus is in
    stock and we have restocked the God Neptune / Seacons loose bagged figures
    from Japanese Beast wars. Still many great deals remaining on the
    clearance menu, some items have sold out and others are getting close.«

    OTHER GREAT ITEMS AND NEWS: go to our online store report forum here


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