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    So, through a fortunate twist of fate, I wound up with a $10 Target gift card. Normally, I consider gift cards to be the same as cash..and spend them carefully. But today, I said screw it...I'm not spending $10...I've got a $10 coupon....let's hit the toy aisle.

    So, I decided to get one of the new less-than-exciting Deluxe figures. As we were out of the blue BARC spedder, I opted for the new Can-Cell with Anakin. After my employee discount and Gift card, I paid a grand total of $5.58 for it. :)

    For those wondering, the Can-Cell is indeed a different color than it's ROTS predecessor. ROTS had purple paint highlights, mostly clear wings, and cream and red "tail feathers". The new version has blue and gray highlights, green tinted wings with less red paint on them, and all cream "tail-feathers". Also, the new version's head is made of red plastic with green painted eyes. The ROTS version was molded in green translucent plastic, with a red painted carapice.

    Also, the Anakin figure is essentially the same as the figure that came with the STAP, but with 3 minor differences. STAP Anakin had gray paint weathering on his chest armor, making it appear darker than his shoulder bells. Can-Cell Anakins chest and shoulder armor match exactly. Secondly, STAP Anakin has brown guantlet straps, while Can-Cell Anakin has gray guantlet straps. Lastly, STAP Anakin had a very BLUE skirt, while the new Can-Cell ANakin's skirt matches the robe paint very closely.

    Minor, but different. The chest armor alone wouldn't be enough to consider it different for me, but combined with the straps and skirt, was enough for me to give him a separate entry in my figure checklist. The Can-Cell is the real prize here, being a true army-builder, if you are so inclined to want one to fly with your ROTS critter.




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