Mystery Coins from Cook Islands

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  1. In 2005 the Cook Islands licensed Star Wars images for their commemorative currency. It was a fairly nice, really expensive set.

    It sold (new) at nearly $800US and very few sets actually sold.

    On eBay I came across two sets of printed coins that look like they're a basement set, but the back carries the Cook Islands identification and an engraving of Elizabeth II. The coins are standard 40mm. The first set has six classic trilogy images and the second set of three has saga montages. The back of all nine coins are idential and undated.

    Both of the sellers I bought from didn't have much to say beyond that they are "international sets" and could not verify whether or not they are licensed or even that they really originated from the Cook Islands.

    Here's an image of all nine coins. If anybody is able to find out information about them, I'd love a little more background.

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    I've seen some of those coins (or some like them) with the same desktop art swiped and used for the silkscreen image. Clearly an unlicensed venture, at first glance. The ones I saw I *think* all had a gold colored "Movie Classics" or "Hollywood" back or something to that effect. The same dealer was also selling Beatles and I think Marilyn Monroe coins in a similar style with the same back.

    These seem to be a new interpretation using Cook Islands coins. I wonder if they found it cheaper to use Cook Islands currency than to mint their own Movie coins?

    I nearly purchased one of the Royal Guard coins...but it wasn't available singly and I didn't feel like requesting it individually at the time.
  3. To use an existing coin would probably be cheaper than having one struck. I've seen a couple of examples of current Cook Islands currency (2005-2011) and they are all dated on the Elizabeth II side. Also no currency is marked as being commemorative. It is a good premise though that this is simply a cheaper coin already available being re-purposed to shill a buck from some good natured collector.
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    Many of the smaller countries do produce collectible (usually) licensed products to boost their economy - coins, stamps, etc. Some countries also make money by selling Internet addresses (e.g. Tuvalu sells its ".tv" addresses to TV-based websites). I've got a few sets in my stamp collection that are things like Disney, NASA, etc., but come from strange tiny countries in the Pacific or Middle East which would have nothing to do with such companies. :)
  5. Since there wasn't much else that could be added to this discussion of the Mystery Coins, I decided to hijack my own thread. :)

    Here is what the $1 coin looks like from the licensed 2005 Cook Island coin set:

    ... and here is what the silver $2 Death Star coin (part of the Darth Vader / Villains 4-pack) looks like from the 2011 Niue set:

    I received both of them last week... The Niue was purchased pre-graded, which is kind of a sore spot for me. I don't 'believe' in graded items and the case it's in doesn't allow it to be displayed with the rest of my Star Wars coins. The problem is that it has an unbelievably high grade and while 'I' don't believe in grading, it may some day make a difference in my estate. So, for my family I will leave it sealed. I guess we all have to eat our spinach at some point, even if we don't like it.
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