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  1. E-N

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    Hi sorry if this belongs in another thread, newbie here

    I have been listing all the autos I have in a book of mine, there's a lot signing this year and I decided it was time I worked out who I've got in the past 10 years.

    Worked out most (most wrote characters which helped a lot) but two are evading me

    All I can say is they were obtained at events in the UK, in the past 10 years


    I have a feeling this might be in the last few years, possibly a designer/sculptor

    this one might be more tricky

    I've enhanced it a bit, all I know is its probably more than 4 years ago based on where it was in the book!

    So, do they look familer to anyone?

    Thanks for reading
  2. Corran(Horn

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    The first one is Malcolm Weaver. I know his autograph. He used to sign "Gamorrean Guards" as well, even though he can't clearly remember what roles he played. Someone asked him at a convention, and he only remembered to have played a Stormtrooper for sure. I can't remember where I read that, so maybe someone could clearify that?

    About the second autograph: What's the picture signed? That might help a little xD
  3. E-N

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    Aha! Thats the fella. That's great thanks. Once I had a name was able to trace the forum he was announced on - in July 2008 Weaver

    'I have spoken to Malcolm regarding his work on ROTJ. Obviousley he can't remember everything as it was something he did many years ago and has done alot of other stunt work since then.

    He was a stormtrooper - He cant remember the scenes he was in but mentioned that he was always in and out of the costume so did quite a bit of work as a stormtrooper.

    He mentioned doing some doubling for Mark Hamill when he was flighting Darth Vader, and remembers being on a sort of platform beam thing. So i'm guessing this is when Luke and Vader are fighting and Luke jumps up onto the platform and then Vader throws his lightsaber and Luke comes crashing down.

    He also mentioned doing some stunts for a pig like charcter that falls down a pit where there is a monster. So sounds like he was did the falling stunt for the Gamerron Guard that fell into the rancor pit. '

    As for the other - where doesn't help - I just used to get everyone who didn't have a photo/profile at the back - until I ran out of room! That's why I'm assuming it is a bit older

    Mind you, I was also assuming it was dedicated to Ian (and removed that to avoid confusion :D ) perhaps it isn't


    anyway, thanks again.
  4. Corran(Horn

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    After 2 days of heavy thinking and some research: the second autograph is Vass Anderson. Go me! xD

    Thanks for the info on Mr. Weaver. Now i only need to track him down xD
  5. E-N

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    Yeah I reckon you're right again. Don't quite match the wattograph examples (know about any others online?) but as with Malcolm, it appears I should have crossed paths with Vass in London, and he's no where else in the book ;)

    You're a star!

    incidentally I never would have worked out Malcolm on my own, as he appeared mainly for Indy I'd never of thought of looking there.

    thanks, Ian
  6. Corran(Horn

    Corran(Horn Red Squadron

    I usually use Mark Dermul's private collection for a first reference:

    Then I check Holger's collection:

    Wattos is also great to compare. Most of the rarer autographs are missing though. Sometimes it helps to just try "(actor's name) + autograph" with google pictures.

    Some Autographs are just so rare you won't find a reliable source to compare. I got a TTM success writing to Mr. Grant McCune a while ago. There is just no reference on the net. at least not a reliable one...

    Numerous members of this board also link to their personal collections. I only started in Nov09, so I don't really have enough to publish xD
  7. darthskellington

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    Great detective work there! I don't have either of those people, so I wouldn't have been much help. :p

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