Ms. Star Wars pageant at Dallas All-Con

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    What men really want are girls who are into Star Wars! Guys like girls who can hold their own in a blaster fight, who enjoys dancing like a Twi'lek, and who will disguise themselves as a bounty hunter in order to save their man.

    Join us for the 5th annual Ms. Star Wars Pageant at All-Con 2009

    Contestant categories will be announced at the time of the contest. Each round, a contestant could be asked to prove their expertise in SW trivia, perform a Gungan mating dance, give us your best "Help me, Obi-wan", or tell us why you think Dexter Jetsetter is the sexiest thing on Coruscant. An example of previous Ms. Star Wars categories:
    • The Star Wars Strut - You will be given individual time to strut your stuff in front of the judges. Our hosts will read the introduction you write in the "Talk nerdy to me" section and you will be given a chance to take your favorite Star Wars pose or walk while they introduce you. Make it good. Our judges will choose the finalists based on this one section. (No pressure.)
    • Whose Star Wars line is it anyway? - This section will present each finalist (or sometimes combination of finalists) with a scenario. You will have around two minutes to react to that scenario. You'll have to be able to think on your feet for this one.
    • Questions and Answers - What would a contest be without the thought-provoking question and answer session? These are not your usual questions about galactic peace, though. We'll have questions that will stretch the limits of your fandom.
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