Monsters's Inc gets more footage on upcoming DVD

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    Reuters has this comparison to a Star Wars release with Disney's latest DVD CGI feature.
    Although Disney already sold about 15 million copies of several VHS and DVD versions of "Pearl Harbor" last year, Chapek believes the new cut of the movie could be one of the biggest sellers this year.

    Disney has scheduled a May 21 release of the recent family theatrical hit "Snow Dogs," and a feature-length adaptation of TV cartoon series "The Legend of Tarzan" to premiere on video July 23 under the name "Tarzan and Jane," with a new duet version of the song "Two Worlds, One Family," performed by Phil Collins and Mandy Moore.

    Disney has high expectations for "Tarzan and Jane" since sales of this week's video premiere release "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True" are on pace to exceed the 6.5 million units of last year's "Lady and the Tramp II." The studio's video premiere picture "The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" will be released later this month.

    Other releases on the slate include the delayed DVD version of the animated movie "Oliver & Company" on May 14, with songs and voices by Billy Joel and Bette Midler, and a 30th anniversary four-hour double-disc DVD edition of "Schoolhouse Rock" featuring all 46 songs from the series on Aug. 27.

    The video version of "Monsters, Inc." is the latest to have new footage produced at a cost of millions of dollars specifically for the video. George Lucas produced several additional f/x-laden scenes for the DVD version of "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" last year, and DreamWorks produced a scene of computer animation for the VHS and DVD versions of "Shrek" with the entire cast singing karaoke.

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