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    The MEGACON will be returning once again to Orlando this February. It will be a 3 day event from Feb. 22-24.
    While still very early the website, has already added some of the guest list.
    The special guest of honor will be the critically acclaimed actor/director/all around bad butt....Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith!
    Also, his sidekick Jay (Jason Mewes) will be there as well.
    You can also meet two of the artists from the upcoming Nature's Guard, , project. Leonard Kirk is the artist who will be dealing with all the interiors & covers, plus character designs and the exclusive web issue cover. Randy Green will also be in attendance and he will be handling the Variant issue #3 cover.

    As far as our beloved Star Wars, there have only been three confirmed guests so far but I am sure that number will grow between the actual convention. Right now you will get a chance to meet:

    David "Darth Vader" Prowse
    Kenny "R2-D2" Baker
    Michonne "Aurra Sing" Bourriauge

    Tickets are available right now thru the MEGACON website.
    A 3 day pass in advance is $18/ door $40
    One day advance $15/ door $35
    Kids 10 and under are free!

    I am planning to attend once again. Hopefully I can meet some of my fellow Spies there too!

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