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    Alf and I decided to go to Johnny Rockets in the Circle Centre mall for lunch on Saturday at noon, so if anyone wants to come feel free! Johnny Rockets is a 1940's style corner malt shop/hamburger place. The entrees are $5-$10, the sandwiches are big enough to share. And the wait staff sometimes sings and dances. ;) We'll wait 5 minutes for ppl to show and then we'll jump in line. So be there or be...somewhere else. :D

    If anyone would like to meet any other times/places you can post them here!

    Hopefully we can go here Wednesday night, about 8:30p.m.

    the Old Spaghetti Factory
    (317) 635-6325
    210 S Meridian St
    Indianapolis, IN 46225
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    At noon is the Vader Custome How to by 501 Legion, can we move the hour???maybe 1:30, please let me know Wookie Cookie....

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