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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Ishi Tib, Dec 16, 2001.

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    Hey guys,
    thanks to a phone call I received from my buddy Talon alerting me about this toy, yesterday night I was able to walk into my local Walmart and score a set of the Luke Skywalker and Yoda for around $30.00 US
    Here is my take on this POTJ 12" exclusive set.

    The package: The new box design with its more appealing rounded shape does look good but somehow it also makes the package not too strong. Every box I found was bent and/or opened at the corners.

    Luke Skywalker: Again another weight lifter. A very muscular torso and arms were used to create the figure, giving Luke a very "he-manish" appearance.

    The head sculpt: Luke's head sculpt is also a minus here. The resemblance to Mark Hamill is very distant, a very noticeable contrast when compared to great likeness of the recently released Luke on Speeder bike.

    The outfit: As far as Luke's outfit is concerned, the clothes look very authentic and there isn't really anything done wrong with them.

    The backpack: Luke's backpack, although plastic molded and not cloth, fits him well and can be removed easily; it also provides a steady hold for the Master Jedi and its cane.

    Articulation: Besides the points of articulation being so visible and retracting from the look of the sculpt, this feature is also a downer for a few other reasons
    Despite the extra articulated biceps on Luke, besides the usual points, the figure has limited "poseability" Here is why:

    1-It is extremely difficult to make both of his hands grab on to the backpack's straps; the only way of accomplishing this is by actually forcing the articulated elbow points and wrists to the point of risking breaking the figure.

    2- Although it was once said the figure could be displayed upside-down, it is practically impossible to do this; his hands were not designed to bend back much and after several frustrating tries you will accomplish the "upside-down position" but the figure will be resting on his fingers and it will remain up for a few minutes before its own weight and lack of balance drops it down.

    3- The articulation given to his legs is also limited and the figure can only be standing with his legs very close together. Try to spread them out a little and Luke will hit the ground.

    Yoda: The little Jedi Master also presents several disappointing factors as well as some good ones.

    The legs sculpt: This is a plus with this figure. It is the first time Master Yoda has been sculpted using an individual pair of legs which are also articulated at their waist points.

    The head sculpt: It is very nicely detailed and presents a closer likeness to the character when compared to the previous trilogy assortment Yoda. But, despite such good resemblance, the color given to it makes him look very much as if he had stuck his head in a bucket of dirt. Also his head can only be rotated, lacking the ability of the previous one to move up and down.

    The outfit: As with the previous 12" scale Yoda, it was very authentically made, this time including a removable necklace and medallion and a real cloth brown skirt underneath his robes.

    Articulation: another dissapointment. Here are the reasons:

    1- Lack of "up or down movement" at the neck, therefore limiting poses.

    2- lack of articulation at the elbows. arms were sculpted practically extended forward. the lack of articulation at the elbows limits the pose factor on the figure, allowing it only to be displayed ALA "Frankenstein walk"

    3- Whether you consider it a lack of articulation at his knees or simply a sculpt problem, Yoda suffers from the same "sickness" as Luke: difficulty standing up. After several tries I was able to get him upward by leaning him on his cane, without it Yoda will also hit the ground.

    The set as a whole does not look bad. The best way to display both figures I believe is with Luke carrying Yoda in his backpack and even then i would recommend using a doll stand to prevent possible "drops"

    As with the Deluxe Amanaman and Salacious Crumb figures, one gets the feeling this set could had been produced with a much better attention to detail.
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    Great pics Ishi! Very detailed and informative.
    Too bad the item looks horrible (my opinion anyway). The biggest probelm I have with it are the head sculpt and the fact that the articulation points are so visible and truly detract from the overall appeal.
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    Yeah Talon, you are right on the money with your opinion of the set. Indeed it looks horrible; add to its bad design the price tag of $30.00 plus, including tax, and you've got yourself an item that it has been overpriced.

    I visited three different Walmarts today and all of them had more than 6 of these sets in plain view. Knowing this is the time of the year when people spend the most, it's no wonder why this item is just sitting there, warming up the shelves.

    When compared to Target's 12" Luke on Speeder Bike and its recently lowered price of just $39.99, you definitely get much more for your money, including one of the most accurate, if not the most accurate, sculpt of Luke plus the always awesome Speeder Bike vehicle.

    I sincerely predict the price on the Luke Skywalker with Yoda to drop in the near future as collectors start to realize that they better use those $30.00 on a more up to expectations product and stop buying it. Walmart then, will try to get rid of them with a lower price and I believe then, it would be the right time to buy it. A $19.99 price tag on this set sounds more realistic for what you are getting.

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