Luke Bacta in Canada!

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Barada, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. Barada

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    That's right all you crazy Canuckleheads! I was in TRU in Hamilton, Ontario, today, and they had lots of new goodies. The most impressive was the last two Bacta Luke's and one deluxe Maul that I bought. I have opened one Luke, and it is incredible! I have one problem with it though. While the look is one of the best I've ever seen, it comes with a small tube that you blow into to simulate air bubbles as Luke breathes. Not a bad idea, but the tube is so short, you'd never see the bubbles! Also, there are two prominent holes in the back of Luke, that appear to have no purpose. Luke is not attached to the air line.

    Maul looks good as a figure, but the droid is way too big in scale next to him.

    They also had the Palm talkers in, although all that was left was R2, 3PO, and Chewie.

    Finally, they had the Shmi wave, Duros wave, and Sandtrooper waves all in. Too bad, because I just arranged to get the Sandtrooper and Snowbi-Wan from another collector:(

    The price point on the deluxe figs is $16.99. Pricey, but I couldn't pass on those. Maybe Wal-Mart will get them, and then I'll return a set to TRU.

  2. richkulach

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    Great heads of Barada. I haven't really heard of these hitting anywhere yet, not even in the US.

    This means that I have to come up with more money and pick these bad boys up.
  3. Barada

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    Forgot about something else!

    They also had the 12" Death Star Droid in, meaning at some point, that whole wave was in! Regular price, and only the one. We are finally getting stuff in canada at the same time as the States. It only took six years. Woohoo!

  4. drgonzo70

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    Deluxe Wave

    Yeah I just found the Bacta Luke and the Maul at my Local TRU in Whitby on Sat. However no sign of the new 12" figs yet though.
  5. richkulach

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    Found them too

    Satuday, the 27th, I found both of the Deluxe figures in Regina. They also HAD(not any more, Doh!) 2 cases of the 12" boys. I like the Luke/Bacta tank, but was the Maul/silly Droid really worth my $16?!? Oh, well. Still had to have it.

    Zellars has a huge sale on their Lego these days as well. It ws in their flyer this week. A bunch of 2-packs. Like Vaders Tie & Y-Wing/Snow speeder for $25, Slave 1/Skiff for $20 as well as a few other 2-packs!! To even better that deal, when you buy 1, you get the second for 1/2 price!!! You can't beat that!!

    Now, just to wait for the 12" Luke w/ Yoda.
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    We will keep our peepers open here in the West! Thanks for the heads up Barada!

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