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    A couple of the aliens are wearing Planet of the Apes jackets in that Richard Pryor Star Wars Bar skit.

    at this point, i'm only interested in what i can see in the movie and perhaps behind the scenes type photo from the film. At some point, we might expand to include more.

    the one that has my attention right now is ...

    9 Name: Cantina Patron
    Possible Identity: Davelynn Schmee

    any ideas on where the Davelynn Schmee name comes from? when i search for info on it, i come up with custom figure guys. I know he's in the jabba/han scene in the docking bay before they leave tatooine.
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    Here's another character for you (I think - you may already have him under another name), although I don't know where in the Catina he appears. According to Dorling Kindersley's Complete Visual Guide (Cantina Patrons, page 260-261)...
    There is a picture of him (showing the flipper hands) that I can try to photograph over the weekend if you want it, but it's a cut-out image just of him on a white background, so is no use in identifying where he is in the Cantina. It looks like he's sitting somewhere, and is wearing the same orange jacket as Ponda Baba, although possibly with shorter sleeves.

    That's the only name (so far) that I've found in my books which isn't on your list.
  3. AmShak

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    it looks like he is from the holiday special. the link has a pic which looks like what you describe.

    From some of the descriptions i just read, it sounds like maybe they were trying to explain why his hands change by saying they were different species?

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  4. AmShak

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    As i was working on this list, i included actors names that i saw associated with the characters. So, here's another version of the list with some of the actors who may or may not have played the character (i have no idea how accurate it is).
    Arleil Schous
    Atheloe Solomahal / The Colonel / Hare Mouse Joe Kaye?
    Bom Vimdin Don Rickles
    BoShek Spacer Anthony Lang
    Cantina Patron Bureaucrat #1
    Cantina Patron Ariq Joanson / Unidentified moisture farmer
    Cantina Patron Bureaucrat #2
    Cantina Patron Davelynn Schmee
    Cantina Patron Local Ugly Man # 1
    Cantina Patron Local Ugly Man # 2
    Cantina Patron Eyvind
    Cantina Patron Local Farmer
    Cantina Patron Corellian Pirate
    Chachi De Maal Baniss Keeg / Probos / Goggle-Eyes Jon Berg?
    Cornelius Evazan Dr. Evazan / Roofoo / Doctor Cornelius / Doctor Death / The Doctor / Grubby Human Alfie Curtis
    Dannik Jerriko the Smoker
    Danz Borin Spaceman #1
    Dice Ibegon Snake Head / Nake
    Djas Puhr Kim Falkinburg
    Doikk Na'ts Phil Tippett
    Elis Helrot Skull Head / Kull
    Feltipern Trevagg
    Figrin D'an Barbarine Rick Baker
    Garouf Lafoe Peter Diamond
    Greedo Martian # 1 Paul Blake / Maria De Aragon
    Hem Dazon Rick Baker
    Het Nkik
    Hrcheck Kal Fas Crocker # 1 Robert A. Denham
    Ickabel G'ont Doug Beswick
    Jenny Local Girl #1 Jenny Cresswell
    Kabe the Bat Rusty Goffe / Barry Gnome
    Kardue'sai'Malloc Labria / Louie / the Devil
    Karoly D'ulin Senni Tonnika / Space Girl #2 / Star Whore Angela Staines
    Ketwol Howie Weed
    Kitik Keed'kak Praying Mantis
    Lak Sivrak Sivrak / Hyena-Man
    Leesub Sirin Weird Girl Pam Rose
    Lirin Car'n
  5. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Melas Howie Weed
    Merc Sunlet
    M'iiyoom Onith Nightlily / Yam Nose / Yamnoss
    Momaw Nadon Ammerha / Hammerhead Jon Berg / Phil Tippett
    Mosep Binneed Mosep / Walrus / Ming / Mingo / Walrus # 1 Annette Jones
    Muftak Cullatran / Spider-Man / Four Eyes Laine Liska
    Myo Cyceyed
    Nabrun Leids Plutonian Janice Burchette
    Nalan Cheel Laine Liska
    Ohwun De Maal Ellors Madak / Bringe / Goggle-Eyes Jon Berg?
    Ownellco Solomahal / The Colonel / Hare Mouse Joe Kaye?
    Ponda Baba Sawkee / Walrus Man Tommy Ilsley
    Pons Limbic Brainiac / Brainee / Cranium Head / Crater Head
    Reegesk Rodent Sadie Eden
    Rycard Ryjerd Flash Gordon Midget Marcus Powell
    Sai'torr Kal Fas Crocker # 2 Peter Sturgeon
    Shada D'ukal Brea Tonnika / Space Girl #1 / Star Whore Christine Hewett
    Spaceman # 2 Cantina Dude
    Spaceman # 3
    Spaceman # 4
    Swilla Corey Local Girl #2 Mandy Morton
    Takeel Hunchback / Snaggletooth # 1 Alf Mangan
    Tawss Khaa Walrus # 2 Erica Simmons
    Tech Mo'r Jon Berg
    Tedn Dahai
    Trinto Duaba Terminal Man
    Tzizvvt Snail Head / Illna / the Fly Stephen Calcutt
    Unidentified Bith Sun'il Ei'de
    Unidentified Gotal High Tundra
    Unidentified Morseerian Chall Bekan Chall Bekan-Linda Jones
    Unidentified mustachioed individual F'u Man-Chu
    Unidentified Rodian Martian # 2 / Neesh / Thuku Thuku-Diana Sadley Way
    Unidentified short woman Little Aunt Beru Gilda Cohen
    Wioslea Grasshopper Barry Copping
    Wuher The Bartender / Cedo Partu Ted Burnett
    Yerka Mig
    Zutton Blue Snaggletooth / Snaggletooth # 2
  6. AmShak

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    I thought that maybe the this list might be of interest to skel or any of the autograph collectors. I'm too interested in the actors at this point, but i thought while i was there, i might as well add the info. If you want to correct any of the info (i'm sure some of it is wrong), i'll make the corrections.
  7. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    I'm making images for each character that will hopefully help identify them and look better than what i have now. here is a few samples, if anyone wants to offer any constructive critism. After this, i'm planning on doing larger group shots and a location map.

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  8. darthskellington

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    Looks good to me. Although, I'm wondering who or what that is in the BoShek picture.....the one with Luke, BoShek, and Greedo (or Thuku).
  9. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    or Neesh... I think it's Greedo.

    i think you're refering to what looks like a short alien and that would be Atheloe.

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  10. I'm not sure if this is a match or not. Last bit of fodder I could find in the archives...


    This is out of Star Wars Chronicles, the oversized Chronicles book from 1996. A whole section on Cantina aliens with great production shots.
  11. AmShak

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