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    Hello Everyone,

    Hope that you are all doing well. As you all know, Christmas is just around the corner and who says X-Mas says GIFTS!!!! We know how much of a pain it can be to shop at the last minute that is why Legends Action Figures is holding a 4 day sale starting right now until November 1st at closing time.

    Enclosed in this e-mail are a bunch of Specials offered only to selected customers. All you need to do to take advantage of these offers is to print up the coupon at the end of this e-mail and bring it to the store for us to honor them on your purchases. For our internet customers,..we didn't forget about you, we have included an online code on the coupon. Just enter that coupon code at checkout when ordering through our secure website and we will adjust your order's total accordingly.

    We know what you're thinking: "Where's the catch??" Okay, you got us...the catch is that these offers are valid for in-stock items only, do not apply to merchandise that is already on discount, and items must be purchased right away, NO LAYAWAY! That's it...as simple as that. So, here's what we are offering:

    All Mcfarlane' Sports Picks 25% OFF

    10% OFF All Barbie & LEGO Items

    All Vintage Star Wars products (loose, carded & boxed) 10% OFF

    15% OFF on all DC Direct Action Figures

    Stikfas 10% OFF

    30% OFF All Marvel Select Action Figures

    All Batman Toys 15% OFF

    20% OFF New Comics, 50% OFF Comics & Magazines Back Issues

    Lord of the Rings 30% OFF Gift Packs, 10% OFF Basic Figures

    20% OFF HALO 2 Action Figures

    All T-Shirts 20% OFF

    Here are some more specials:

    All Spider-Man Basic Figures $ 8.92 each
    Star Wars Darth Vader 500th edition deluxe figure $ 19.99 each
    Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Figures $ 8.92 each
    Family Guy Series 3 Basic Figures $ 6.99 each
    Star Wars ROTS Mustafar Playset $44.95 (+ 1 extra ROTS figure)
    McFarlane Toys 12" Battle-Damaged Robocop Figure $ 29.99 each
    All Fantastic Four Basic Figures $ 8.92 each
    American Psycho's 18" Patrick Bateman $ 39.99 each
    Nightmare Before Christmas Series 2 set of 4 $ 47.96
    Edward Scissorhands Rotocast Figure $ 9.99 each
    12" The Muppets Mega- Gonzo Figure $ 19.99 each
    Alien VS. Predator Series 2 Set of 4 $ 44.99
    Alien VS. Predator "Birth of the Hybrid" Box Set $ 16.99 each
    Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Marvin's Gun $ 9.99 each
    Ghostbusters Dancing Slimer $ 14.99 each
    Adult Superstars Action Figures $ 8.99 each
    The Crow Rooftop Battle Box Set $ 14.99 each
    Spawn Series 27: Spawn VS. Al Simmons Box Set $11.99 each
    Star Wars ROTS Selected Figures 2 FOR $9.99
    Ninja Turtles Sewer Lid Launcher Vehicle $24.99

    We hope to see you soon!

    Legends Action Figures, Inc.
    7104 St-Hubert
    Montreal, Quebec
    Canada, H2S 2M9
    Phone: 514-277-1867
    Fax: 514-277-4312
    E-mail: info@legendsactionfigures.com
    Website: www.legendsAF.com

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    Here is the coupon, It is important that you don't forget it or we won't be able to honor the specials.
    Thank you for your understanding!

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