Legends Newsletter #122

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    Newsletter # 122​

    Hi, Hope all is well for everyone.

    Here is our weekly newsletter:
    Remember, all prices on our website are in CANADIAN DOLLARS !

    Just a quick note to advise you guys that our website is about to have a major facelift. The new site should be up and running in a few weeks. So please bare with us while we are working on it if you encounter any problems. This will in no way affect or delay any orders or pre-orders you may have with us.

    Check us out online: www.LegendsCanada.com

    Latest Arrivals:​

    Star Wars: Basic Figures: ROTS up to No.56
    Mustafar Playset (+ 1 extra ROTS figure PROMO)
    Leia Boushh Gentle Giant Mini-Bust
    Han Solo Gentle Giant Mini-Bust
    Saga TIE Fighter with Pilot (Re-Stock)
    Miniatures: Universe Booster Packs
    Galactic Heroes Backpack Danglers: Luke, Han, Boba Fett, Yoda
    Vintage Style Action Figure Display Diorama (Pride Displays)
    Battlestar Galactica: Series 3: Blue Sqaudron Colonial Viper
    Stealth Cylon Raider
    Silver Spar Squandron Colonial Viper
    Marvel Factory Figures
    Marvel Megamorphs: Series 1: Spider-Man, Doc Ock & Wolverine
    Spider-Man Classics: Series 14: Spin'N Trap Spidey
    Buzzing Beetle
    Web Cannon Spidey
    Tail Strike Scorpion (Repaint)
    Web Trap Spidey
    Fantastic 4(Movie): Series 3
    Bleeding Edge Goths 7": Series 4
    The Crow: Rooftop Battle Box Set
    LEGO: Star Wars Y-Wing Attack Starfighter
    Star Wars TIE Fighter Collection
    Santa Fe Super Chief
    Fairly Odd Parents: Timmy, Cosmo, Vicky & Wanda
    The Dukes of Hazzard 1:18 General Lee Replica (Movie Version)
    Adult Swim: series 1: Harvey Birdman: Phil Ken Sebben & Bear
    The Brak Show: Brak's Mom & Brak's Dad
    Aquan Teen Hunger Force: Master Shake & Mothmonsterman
    Sealab 2021: Debbie Dupree & Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn
    Teddy Scares: Morgue Minis: Edwin Morose, Redmond Gore & Abnormal Cyrus
    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: 18" Willy Wonka
    Family Guy: 12" Talking Stewie
    Devils Rejects: Basic Figures: Captain Spaulding, Otis, Baby & Tiny
    DC Direct: Secret Files Series 1: Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat, Killer Croc & Black Mask
    Fantastic Four: (Movie): 12" Rotocast Dr.Doom
    Spider-Man: Classic: Stunt System Mini-playsets
    B-Daman: Full Line-up
    Lord of the Rings: Gifts Sets: Elves of Middle-Earth
    Final Battle of Middle-Earth
    Return of Gandalf
    The Defeat of Sauron
    Battle at Shelob's Lair
    Burden of the One Ring
    Kings of Middle-Earth
    McFarlane Toys: AVP Series 2 + Box Set
    Spawn Reborn Series 3
    Military Accesories Pack
    Batman Begins: Gotham City Transforming Playset
    Buffy & Angel: 12" Liam/Angelus (Sideshow Collectibles)
    Marvel Minimates: Series 10: Silver Sable & Sandman
    Spider-Woman & Spider-Carnage
    Black Cat & Ben Reilly
    Series 11: Firestar & Iceman
    Rogue & Mystique
    Cable & Bishop
    Modern Horror: 18" American Psycho Patrick Bateman
    Ren & Stimpy: Log
    Attakus: Shrek & Donkey statue

    Back in Stock:​

    Masters of the Universe: Staction Figures: Hordak, Clawfull & Snout Spout
    Marvel Legends: X-Men Legends Box Set
    DC Direct: Dark Knight Returns: Batman, Superman, Robin & Joker
    HALO: Series 3
    Barbie: Fashion Fever Assortment
    Hulk: The Movie: 13" Rotocast Poseable Hulk & Raging Hulk
    Smash & Go asst.
    Marvel Studios: 12" Wolverine Hugh Jackman
    Star Wars: Darth Vader 500th Edition figure
    John Kellerman Guide for collecting vintage Star Wars
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Marvin's Gun

    Coming Soon:​

    Don't wanna Miss a Thing??? Visit our website and place your pre-orders early, your card will NOT be charged until items are in-stock and ready to ship.
    Marvel Legends: Series 10, 11 & "Best of" Marvel Legends Series (in stock next week)
    DC Direct: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies series 1: Superman, Batman, Metallo, Captain Atom & Shazam!
    WWE: Classic Superstars: Series 7
    Transformers: Legends of Cybertron
    Serenity: Series 1
    Sin City: Series 2
    Nightmare Before Christmas: Series 2
    18" Robocop (NECA)
    Cult Classics: Series 2
    McFarlane Toys: NFL Legends Series 1
    NFL Vick/Dawkins 2-pack
    NFL Series 12
    The Corpse Bride Full-Line-up
    HALO 2: Series 4
    Be-Goth 12" Fashion Dolls: Series 4
    Lord of the Rings: Epic Trilogy: Basic Figures
    Star Wars: Evolution Packs
    Battle Packs
    M-Pire Figures
    Unleashed Re-Stock
    Marvel Select: Thanos

    If you don't see it here, doesn't mean we don't have it, e-mail or call us !!!!
    Have a Good week!!!

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    Legends Action Figures Canada, Inc.
    7104 St-Hubert
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    Fax: 514-277-4312
    E-mail: info@legendsactionfigures.com
    Wholesale inquiries: jgoulet@legendsactionfigures.com

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