Legends Newsletter #118

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    Newsletter # 118​

    Hi, Hope all is well for everyone.

    Here is our weekly newsletter:
    Remember, all prices on our website are in CANADIAN DOLLARS !

    Check us out online: www.LegendsCanada.com TONS OF ITEMS UP FOR PRE-ORDER !!!!

    Latest Arrivals:​

    Buffy & Angel: Season 4 Wesley
    Judgment Lorne
    There's No Place Like PLRTZ GLRB Lorne
    Graduation Day Buffy
    Graduation Day Faith
    Bad Girls Wesley
    End of Days Faith
    One More With Feeling Buffy

    Marvel Minimates: Series 10: Silver Sable & Sandman
    Spider-Woman & Spider-Carnage
    Black Cat & Ben Reilly

    Modern Horror: 18" American Psycho Patrick Bateman

    McFarlane Toys: McFarlane's Military Series 1
    Sports Picks MLB Series 12

    Star Wars LEGO Pens: Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca & R2-D2

    Ren & Stimpy: Log

    Lord of the Rings: Two-Towers Wave 5: Possessed King Theoden, Battle Cry Uruk-Hai Warrior,
    Battle Action Aragorn, Balrog Battle Gandalf

    Justice League Unlimited: 3-Packs: Wonder Woman, Hawk & Dove
    Flash, Green Lantern & Atom Smasher
    Superman, Martian Manhunter & Booster Gold

    DC Direct: Batman (Yamato) Series 3: Batman, Bane, Batgirl & Catwoman
    Crisis on Infinite Earth Series 1: Earth 2 Robin, Supergirl, Harbinger, Monitor & Psycho-Pirate

    Family Guy: Giant Chicken VS. Peter Box Set

    Buffy: PALZ: Buffy Summers, Drusilla, Oz, Spike, Cordelia & Jenny Calendar
    Transformers: Cybertron: Full Line-Up

    Spider-Man: Classics: Series 13
    Two-Packs: Spidey vs. Venom
    Spidey vs. Punisher
    Spidey vs. Doctor Octopus

    The Batman: Triple Mission Batmobile

    Edward Scissorhands Rotocast figure

    Stikfas: Alpha-Male on Motorcycle
    Alpha-Male Phantom Glow-in-the-Dark
    Beta female Windsurfer
    Beta Female Nurse

    Ghostbusters: Dancing Slimer

    Scarface Realistic Figures

    Cult Classics Series 1: Gremlins, Friday the 13th, American Psycho, The Crow

    Marvel Select: Symbiote Spider-Man

    Fantastic Four (Movie): Basic Figures Series 2: Flying Human Torch
    Shape Shifting Mr. Fantastic
    Clobber'N Crush Thing
    12" Rotocast: Invisible Woman
    Human Torch
    Human Torch Changing
    The Thing
    Mister Fantastic
    Fantasticar Vehicle
    Super Stretch Mr. Fantastic

    Back in Stock:​

    McFarlane Toys: Sports Picks NHL Legends Series 2

    Hulk: The Movie: 13" Rotocast Poseable Hulk & Raging Hulk

    Marvel Studios: 12" Wolverine Hugh Jackman

    Marvel Legends: Spider-Man Sinister 6 Box Set

    Star Wars: Darth Tater
    AT-RT Vehicle
    ROTS Deluxe Figures: Anakin Chances to Vader, Gen Grievous & Obi-Wan w/Super Battle Droid

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Marvin's Gun

    Tim Burton's Tragic Toys 3-Packs

    DC Headstrong Heroes: Supergirl, Robin, Penguin & Catwoman

    Justice League 12": Superman, Batman, Hawkgirl & Aquaman

    Justice League Unlimited: Basic Figures

    Coming Soon:​

    Lord of the Rings: Figure Multi-Packs

    Masters of the Universe: Staction Figures Series 1

    DC Direct: 13" Christian Bale as Batman Collector Figure (RE-STOCK)

    Usagi Yojimbo Vinyl Figure (RE-STOCK)

    Star Wars: Unleashed

    McFarlane Toys: AVP Series 2 + Box Set

    Marvel Minimates: Series 11

    Marvel Select: Thanos

    If you don't see it here, doesn't mean we don't have it, e-mail or call us !!!!

    Have a Good week!!!

    Steve, José, André, Henri, Frédéric & Simon

    Legends Action Figures Canada, Inc.
    7104 St-Hubert
    Montreal, Quebec
    Canada, H2S 2M9
    Phone: 514-277-1867
    Fax: 514-277-4312
    E-mail: info@legendsactionfigures.com
    Wholesale inquiries: jgoulet@legendsactionfigures.com

    Contacts: -Steve Bonanno sbonanno@legendsactionfigures.com
    -José Goulet jgoulet@legendsactionfigures.com
    -André Bathalon abathalon@legendsactionfigures.com

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