Legends Newsletter #114

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    Newsletter # 114​

    Hi, Hope all is well for everyone.

    Here is our weekly newsletter:
    Remember, all prices on our website are in CANADIAN DOLLARS !

    Check us out online: www.LegendsCanada.com TONS OF ITEMS UP FOR PRE-ORDER !!!!

    Latest Arrivals:​

    Iron Maiden: 7" Eddie: Powerslave & Somewhere in Time
    Terminator: 18" Endoskeleton
    Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy: Basic Figures
    McFarlane Toys: Monsters Series 4: Twisted Fairy Tales / Elvis 4: 1956 Year in Gold / Sports Picks NHL Series 11
    Predator 2: Chimasute mini-figures
    Planet of the Apes: Slave Taylor & Nova 2-pack
    HALO 2: Series 3: Ghost, Blue Spartan, Spec Ops Grut, Tartarus
    Disney Princess: Mulan
    DC Direct: 13" Christian Bale as Batman Collector Figure / First Appearances Series 3: Riddler, Batgirl, Nightwing, Composite Superman
    G.I.Joe: Valor VS. Venom: Comic Book 3-packs: Duke, Destro & Road Block / Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes, Red Ninja Viper / Scrap Iron, Serpentor, Firefly
    Ren & Stimpy: Rotocast Figures: Eye-Popping Ren / Brushing Stimpy
    Betty Boop as Nurse Doll
    Star Wars: Darth Tater / 12" Ultimate Vilain Anakin/Darth Vader / Kotobukiya: Sandtrooper, Yoda, Chewbacca, Scout Trooper / Code 3: Star Wars Republic Gunship / Bust-Ups: Holographic Sith Lord 2-pack
    Fantastic Four (Movie): Basic Figures Series 2: Flying Human Torch / Shape Shifting Mr. Fantastic / Clobber'N Crush Thing /12" Rotocast: Invisible Woman / Human Torch / Human Torch Changing / Super Stretch Mr. Fantastic
    TNA Wrestling: Series 1: Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Raven & Abyss
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Fellowship Wave 5: Weathertop Strider, Galadriel Entanced, Council Legolas, Fiery Ringwraith, Boromir w/sound
    Mez-Itz: Cinema of Fear II 3-pack

    Back in Stock:​

    Masters of the Universe: Exclusive She-Ra
    DC Direct: Smallville Series: Clark, Lex & Lana
    Classic TV Toys: Space 1999 / Happy Days / The Brady Bunch / The Munsters
    Batman Begins: Figures & Vehicles
    Star Wars: Huge figure Re-Stock from POTF2 to ROTS (Send your wants) / Gentle Giant Chewbacca Statue
    G.I.Joe: Ninja Battles Pack
    LEGO: Huge re-stock including: Alpha-Team / City / Star Wars / Trains (including Exclusives) / Harry Potter / Racers / Knight's Kingdom / Bionicles
    The Incredibles: Deluxe figures: Rapid Run Dash, Ice Action Frozone, Super Strenght Mr. Inc., Energy Blastin' Syndrome
    Futurama: Bender Wind-Up
    LBH: Chucky & Bride 2-pack
    Megaman NT Warrior: 10" Rotocast GutsSoul & MetalSoul

    Coming Soon:​

    Cult Classics: Series 1: Gremlins, American Psycho, Friday the 13th & The Crow
    Fantastic Four: Movie: New Basic & Roto-Cast Figures
    Sideshow 1/4: Freddy Krueger
    DC Direct: Crisi on Infinite Earth Series 1
    McFarlane Toys: Military Series 1 / Sports Picks MLB Series 12
    Marvel Minimates: Series 10 & 11
    Marvel Select: Spider-Man Black Costume / Thanos / Carnage

    If you don't see it here, doesn't mean we don't have it, e-mail or call us !!!!

    Have a Good week!!!

    Steve, José, André, Henri, Frédéric & Simon

    Legends Action Figures Canada, Inc.
    7104 St-Hubert
    Montreal, Quebec
    Canada, H2S 2M9
    Phone: 514-277-1867
    Fax: 514-277-4312
    E-mail: info@legendsactionfigures.com
    Wholesale inquiries: jgoulet@legendsactionfigures.com

    Contacts: -Steve Bonanno sbonanno@legendsactionfigures.com
    -José Goulet jgoulet@legendsactionfigures.com
    -André Bathalon abathalon@legendsactionfigures.com

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