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    The Latest news for can be read here

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    Here is a quick update from about some great new items in stock.


    - ARMADA: Star Saber and Dark Saber Swords
    - JAPANESE ARMADA: Jetfire and Starscream
    - MEGA PVC: Starscream, Optimus, Metallic Megatron
    - VINTAGE: Star Saber, Landcross & more
    - RE-ISSUE: Hasbro Optimus Prime, Nucleon Quest Prime, Starscream
    - JBW: Sealed Seacon Sets, Leo Convoy, C-1 Optimus & more
    - BEAST WARS: TM2 Blackarachnia

    GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: The new Metal Material Launcher & Sword Strike Gundam figure is now in stock for $89.99. The very cool FIX 0015 - Heavy Gundam has also just arrived. Two new Advanced MSIA figures - Justice Gundam and Freedom Gundam have also arrived.

    GUNDAM MODELS: The older 1/100 High Grade Gundam kits have been restocked - including:
    Wing, Epyon, Altron, Deathscythe Hell, Wing 0, Shelong, Heavyarms, Nataku, D-Hell, Sandrock, Serpent & More.

    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The new GX-01RG Gold version of the Mazinger Z has just arrived. We have restocked the GX-07 Mazinger and we still have stock of the awesome GX-13 Dancouga - $219.99. The GX-014 EVA 01 arrives next week
    - we have a few left for pre-order, but are nearly sold out so get your orders in now if you are interested in this one.

    LORD OF THE RINGS: We have received a fairly large sized supply of the hard to find Prologue Elven Warrior for $11.99 as well as the previously sold out Gollum for $9.99

    MICRONAUTS SERIES 2: The 2nd retro series of Micronauts has arrived.
    The quality is much improved over the first series.
    Series 2 sets of 4 and sets of 16 are available as well as the boxed Red Falcon figure.

    TOYCOM: WARCRAFT & APPLESEED - 3 great figures based on the hit Warcraft
    PC game have just arrived - available singly and as a set. From the
    popular Appleseed Anime - there are 3 repainted figures - Briareos and two different outfits for Deunan.

    MEZCO - CRYPTOZOOLOGY: This long delayed set has arrived - 3 cool figures are available - Big Foot, Jersey Devil, and Mothman. The figures are roughly 5 inches tall and quite well detailed.

    GI JOE - ARRIVING SOON: Wave 3 Spytroops are in transit to us now, we still have some pre-orders available for $46.99 for the set of 6.


    - Platoon Set of 3 - Sideshow
    - 12" Vampire Hunter D - Epoch
    - 2 BeyBlade Stadiums
    - Muppets Series 3 Busts - Sideshow
    The following items are all on the 'Other Menu'
    - Takara Microman
    - Justice League Deluxe Batman & Superman
    - Fist of North Star Roah
    - Marvel Minimates - Daredevil, Elektra, Hulk & more - very cool.

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items on the site.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew


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