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    The latest news from can be read here

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    Here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals, a huge clearance sale and some exciting new pre-orders.

    SPRING CLEARANCE SALE: We are 'cleaning out the attic' here at BBTS and have cut prices on 150+ great items that we are overstocked on or just need to move out. Great prices on many items, we may sell out of some items so don't miss out on the savings!

    A wide selection of items from the following lines have been put on sale:

    Korean Transformers, Japanese Transformers, Armada, Gundam, Power Rangers, GI Joe, Hard Hero TF Busts, Star Wars, Robotech, Macross, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Legends, Soul of Chogokin, Spawn, Tortured Souls 2, KISS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Muppets, Mezco, Dragonball Z, Stikfas and more!

    BOTCON 2003 EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER: We are now accepting a limited amount of pre-orders for what is sure to be another awesome set of exclusives from
    Botcon 2003. These will ship out in early August after we return from
    the show. The set of 2 exclusive items is now available for pre-order for $139.99 per set. The identity of these figures is unknown at this point and will not be revealed until the show (July 25 - 27 in Chicago, IL)

    GI JOE: The awesome B.A.T. Troop Builder 6-Pack has arrived. We UPS Expressed these over from Hong Kong to be the first US company to offer them - in stock and available now for $16.99 per set of 6 figures!

    MARVEL: The Marvel Studios Daredevil figure has been restocked and the new Marvel Select Wolverine: The Origin figure is in stock. (Wolverine is on the 'other' menu) Marvel Select Black Widow & Captain America are also in stock.

    LORD OF THE RINGS: 10" Electronic Sauron has been restocked again, this figure has been immensly popular. The Two Towers Horse sets have also been restocked: Gandalf and Shadowfax, Aragorn and Brego, and Ringwraith and Steed. Series 3 & 5 are also in stock.

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the deals on great items in our clearance sale.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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