Kotobukiya: Darth Vader And Clone Trooper

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Ishi Tib, Nov 25, 2002.

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    Our loyal reader Lone Clone, the person who provided us with the picture of the Red Clone Commander and Kotobukiya kits, updates on the Red Clone Trooper and points us out to another Clone Commander. This is a yellow one. Lone Clone writes:

    I was looking over the Kotobukiya site and came across this picture. It is a Yellow commander and will be released at the end of Decemeber or Early January. One note, I have checked around about the red Clone Trooper. I asked someone about the TRU limited qty as to 1000 pcs. I can't get a definite answer as to it being a valid answer, but many have said since TRU is distributing it, it maybe more than 1000pcs. As for the yellow Commander, it is limited to 1000pcs per Kotobukiya's website and will be 7800yen. It looks cool and would be cool to have all the colored clones, but the cost is surely to kill that.

    Lone Clone

    Thanks for the update LC. The picture is courtesy of Kotobukiya Ltd.

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  4. AmShak

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    The pics are great... excellent review.
  5. Ishi Tib

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    Thanks for your kind words Amshak. I'm glad I was able to provide the collecting community with this information and pictures.

    As to make clear on any doubts some folks might have, the RED CLONE TROOPER picture was, is exclusive to this site. I own the copy of the magazine the picture appeared in. All Troops, Rebelscum, Yakface, Artoos News, The Jawa, The Private Universe were authorized to make use of it. Any other sites and/or Forums than the ones mentioned where you might see this picture posted without proper credit given to us, have simply stolen it. If the shoe fits ... you know who you are.

    To all of those sites who offered a link to this article, thank you for your support and for caring about keeping the readers informed. Thank you for making collecting what it truly should be... FUN!
  6. Darth Aussie

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    Great pics and article Ishi. Do you think they'll come to Australia?..The prices would be horrendous but they look worth it....:)
  7. Ishi Tib

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    Good question Darth Aussie but unfortunately one I cannot give answer to at this time. Given the popularity this line has obtained, I'm assuming sooner or later it might receive a wider distribution and therefore Australia could be included.

    As for now all I can tell you is that the best place to get any of the kits online, directly from Japan, and with prices not inflated is WWW.HLJ.COM (Hobby Link Japan).

    They are selling the Darth Vader Kit for 9800 JPY which will be as follow:

    $80.00 (USD)
    $148. 206 Australian (AUD)
    $130.090 Canadian (CAD)
    53.400 British Pound (GBP))

    Clonetrooper sells for about 7800 Yen which will be:

    $66.177 (USD)
    $117. 960 Australian (AUD)
    $103.581 (CAD)
    42.502 British Pound (GBP)

    They are also pre-selling the upcoming Clone (either red or yellow) for the same (7800)as the regular white variant.

    Not that I'm promoting them, nor I suggest anyone for this place to be the only one to get the kits but I have done a good research on Kotobukiya and as far as I have been able to find out, no one is selling them for cheaper.

    Americans have a chance to order from HLJ and have them shipped using UPS (United Postal Service) for a special rate of $22.00 This is truly not a bad deal considering most of Ebay sellers and other stores in Asia are charging about $45.00 to ship.

    You will definitely find online retailers with much better shipping charges but the price for the product itself can escalate up to $150. 00 for the Clone Trooper alone, so at the end your better off buying it from Hobby Link Japan.

    They also offer different rates for customers outside the United States, so as in your case or any other Australian collectors is best to shop around for the most convenient shipping price.

    I know my explanation went much further away than your question but I wanted to clear out any doubts other collectors might had had concerning prices and shipping.

    Keep your fingers crossed as I'm doing, and let's hope we get to see these kits selling close to home soon. They are indeed very nicely crafted.
  8. Darth Aussie

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    Good advice Ishi for any other aussies and other internationals reading this. Thanks also for the conversions , helps a lot ... Just hope i get a full time job soon to start saving up! ;)
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    Here are a couple of new pictures of the limited 1,000 piece Yellow Clone Trooper. Enjoy!

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  10. Ishi Tib

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    Yellow Clone "close-ups"

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