It's A Parade Of R2D2's!!!!

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    Over at, they have posted an article about a parade of R2 units at Celebration II. The following is taken straight from the site.

    Thanks to the R2-D2 Builders' Group, Star Wars fans attending Celebration II this May will enjoy a whole parade of the feisty little droids.

    The R2-D2 Builders' Group is an organization of members from all over the world, and many of them are traveling to Celebration II to share their hobby with fellow fans of the famous astromech droid. The builders will ship their creations to Indianapolis, and display them in a room provided by our Convention Partners, Wizards of the Coast. The droids will be on exhibit in Room 212 at the Indiana Convention Center over the entire course of the convention, May 3-5.

    And on Sunday, May 5 at high noon, the droids and their creators will strut their stuff in the R2-D2 Celebration Parade. The procession will begin at Room 212, roll its way across the second floor of the Indiana Convention Center to the Serpentine Lobby and then wind its way back again. And who knows? Maybe some special guests will join the march!

    "The R2-D2 Builders have more than 600 members," said Jason Smith, who will be in charge of the group coming to Celebration. Members live as far away as Germany, England, and New Zealand, but stay in touch and share their ideas over the Internet. Dave Everett, the president of the group, lives in Australia.

    Smith said more than 25 builders will come to Celebration II. In addition to all the Artoo units, fans may see a few other home-crafted droids, including a certain golden protocol unit whom Artoo might refer to as a "mindless philosopher." To make the show even more special, Smith said the LEGO company confirmed it would display its all-"brick" R2-D2 in the builders' room throughout the event.

    Not constructed by Industrial Automaton (or the ILM model shop), these R2-D2 units are lovingly built by the fans themselves. The builders plan scheduled demonstrations that will reveal how they craft the droids. If you have questions, they will be on hand to answer them, and to swap droid-building trade secrets. There will be scheduled Q&As and demonstrations in the room too, so check the schedule when you are at Celebration II.

    "The droids on display will be a testimony to how ingenious the builders are," said Smith. "Some are built from aluminum, some from hand-crafted, custom parts, and some from found materials. There's even an Artoo built with PVC sewer pipe."

    So why R2-D2?

    "For me personally it's because R2-D2 takes me back to childhood," said Smith. "The first time I saw C-3PO and R2-D2 together on screen I was blown away by seeing two robots with so much personality. I could understand R2-D2's emotions, even though he couldn't speak."



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