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    They're still (vaguely) planning another movie in the Indiana Jones franchise, and at the moment they're saying they won't be replacing Harrison Ford. This is from ...

    Although they are [currently] saying they won't re-cast the Indy character, that doesn't mean they can't do new future movies with a different successor character - "Indiana Jones Jnr" ... nobody has said anything about Shia LeBeouff's "Indy's son" character though.

    Plus of course some new brainless twit will no doubt come along at some stage and stupidly "reboot" it as barely recognisable rubbish.
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    Indiana Jones 5 is now in the very early stages of production. A small spoiler for Indiana Jones 5 from ...

    Indiana Jones 6, here we come. :)
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    Apparently George Lucas is not involved with this new movie either (despite Steven Spielberg saying at one point that George Lucas was writing the story). :(

    This is from ...
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    Hollywood Reporter (via Den of Geek) is claiming that Steven Spielberg will start filming Indiana Jones 5 in 2019 for a cinema release in 2020.
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    From ...

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    It looks like Indiana Jones 5 has also been hit by the rumoured big problems at Disney / Lucasfilm. is reporting that the movie has been delayed and will miss the previously announced 2019 filming and 2020 release dates. :(

    Come back George! All is forgiven!
    (well, except that awful Holiday Special of course.) ;)

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