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    What it is:

    The front page of the site includes 2 top randomly rotating banners. The left-most banner is for one of our sponsors. The right banner is for a site event (such as Watto's Lotto or a recently updated section).

    Below that is the main section of the front page. This includes a banner with the site's name and a collage. The images a colors are based on a theme that is randomly selected each time you load the page.

    Directly below the site banner is the navigation menu. In this menu you will find 5 links: home (the front page of the site), forum (our discussion board), sections (site content provided by the staff and other contributors), contact (method to contact any member of the staff), and search. If a link has a downward pointing triangle by its name, that is an indication that there is a dropdown menu associated with the link rather than a direct link. For instance, the Sections link includes a dropdown with several links to various sections (dioramas, evolutions, etc). You would click on the sections link and then click on the desired section from the dropdown to access it.

    Below the menu is the theme image (mentioned previously). Overlaying this image is a listing of current events on the site. This includes the 3 most recent news articles, the 2 most recent contest announcements and the 2 most recent site update announcements.

    What is planned:

    We have a few more themes in the works that we will add to the existing themes and possibly use to replace some of the themes. There is also a possiblity that I will add a "theme selector" that will allow you to force a particular theme rather than using random chance.


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