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    What it is:

    The search option is a way of locating a specific figure and the related materials available for it.

    The "quick search" is very basic. Essentially, you're picking from a list of character names (or vehicle names or beasts names - depending on the first option you pick). Once you make your selection, a results page is show (more on that later).


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    At the bottom of the "quick search" page is a link to the "advanced search" page.

    The advanced search greatly increases your control over what sort of results are generated. The ususal supects are here: scale, type, line, year, name and series. In addition to that, you can search based on movie and planet. For example, if you're searching by the name "Skywalker, Luke" and you select "Episode V", your results will include only ESB Luke figures. Additionally, if you select Luke and "Tatooine", your results will consist of Luke figures that appear like Luke did while on that planet.


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    The results page is a listing of any figure that matches the parameters of your search. These are listed by release date (newest first). Clicking on a figure will bring up the details page.


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    The details page includes all the information about a specific figure. This includes loose/carded images of the figure and any variation and production error information (with images, if available).


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    What is planned:

    This area of the site was rushed in order to get the rest of the site live. So, many things are planned.
    • The database is being expanded to make it more current
    • New loose/carded images are being added
    • The search details page is being expanded to include links to other sections.
    • Variation Images are being added
    • The search results page will be updated to allow sorting of columns.

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