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    What it is:

    Across the top of the page is the section banner and a small random sponsor banner.

    The right column contains links to the top 3 most recently reviewed figures. Clicking on these links will open the corresponding review. Below that is the review search option. The dropdown list consists of character names (last name first) sorted alphabetically (NOTE: if a character has multiple names, all names are listed for the entry, but only under one name (for example look up "Skywalker, Anakin" to find Darth Vader). You can narrow your search down by selected a series (POTF2, Episode I, etc). Once you make your selection and click on show results, all matches will be listed. Click on the desired match and the review for that figure will be displayed. NOTE: if no review has been written for a figure yet, it will not show up in this search.

    On the remaining portion of the the page, the review is shown. There is a banner with the character's name followed by the reviewers name (with link to profile) and the date that the review was submitted. Below this is a box containing basic information on the figure. And, below that is the actual review. The review is broken down into many categories for a consistent read.

    What is planned:

    Many more reviews (of current figures) are coming soon. These reviews will be written by members of the staff and other contributors.

    Images are being created for these reviews.

    The review section will include links to other related section on the site. For instance, if you were reading a review for Emperor's Wrath Darth Vader, a link will be made available to take you directly to the "Darth Vader Evolution".

    Member participation.


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