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    What it is:

    Across the top is the section banner and the small rotating sponsor banner.

    The right hand colum contains a listing of the top 10 most recent figure evolutions. Below that is a jump menu that contains the names of all available figure evolutions. Selecting a name takes you to that evolution. This is list is sorted alphabetically. Below the jump menu are any thumbnail images for a particular figure evolution (clicking on them takes you to the full-size versions).

    The left side of the page contains the actual evolution content. At the top is the character specific evolution banner. Below that is a quote from the movie related to the character. And, below that is the evolution review for the figure.

    The first section is always the introduction and the last section is alwasy the synopsis. Between them are the reviews for specific figures in the evolution. These reviews are ordered by release date (oldest are displayed first).

    What is planned:

    Barada has several new evolutions that will be gradually added.

    The section will become linked to other sections within the site. For example, each figure referenced in the evolution review will have a link to its official review and the basic information page (these pages will include more specific information about the figure - as well as more images of the figure). The evolution images will be improved.


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