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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Talon, Nov 15, 2001.

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    This is just a piece where I will be expressing some of my thoughts in. Feel free to comment, flame me, laugh at me, whatever :) As you can tell I had a little spare time on my hands and figured what the heck.

    As the days draw nearer to E2 I can't help but realize just how lucky we, as Star Wars fans and collectors, truly are. Not only will we be receiving two hours of pure bliss with the Attack Of The Clones movie, but we will also be graced with countless new merchandise. For me nothing besides the film itself will have a greater impact than the toys, particularly the 3 3/4" line of action figures and accessories.

    With the EPISODE 2 line we will be given figures and accessories that will be much better than what we have been accustomed to. By taking advantage of the Real Scan technology Hasbro should be able to produce figures and accessories with an uncanny resemblance to their movie counterparts. Plus, this isn't going to be exclusive to the E2 and E3 lines. Who can think about Star Wars and not include the Original Trilogy? While the POTJ line will more than likely cease to exist with E2 on the horizon, you can
    rest assured that the classic line of Star Wars will benefit from all of the advances in technology that the new trilogy will.

    We are also being recognized and practically catered to by Hasbro and other makers of Star Wars products as the primary source for sales. In regard to that, we have seen items that have been made particularly to satisfy our unending appetite for Star Wars. In some cases the more obscure the better. Do you think that we would have seen some of the more obscure products that we have been given as of late if this wasn't the case? No.
    What are we looking at in the near future, besides the obvious being E2? Well, I can tell you that the anticipated 25th Silver Anniversary 2-packs look absolutely gorgeous. The amount of time and attention to detail that has been incorporated to these pieces is incredible! We have already witnessed the greatness of the new Deluxe line that Hasbro has recently unveiled. The Luke Skywalker with Bacta Tank is a perfect example of the collector's needs and wants being addressed. We have been clamoring for a piece like this for years now. The POTJ figures have been remarkable as well. Right from the beginning of the line the figures were a definite improvement over previous lines with the possible exception of the last E1 waves and the CT line of POTF2. We will also be treated to a new version of some existing vehicles like the Snowspeeder and AT-ST. Plus, a TIE Bomber will finally be offered to us.

    Who knows what other great products that are being worked on as you read this. There are so many promising Star Wars items in the near future that we will be bombarded with choices. Sure, we may end up broke and living off of Ramen Noodles for a while but it will be worth it! I envision seeing many of us standing in the aisles of a local retailer in a trance while trying to decide what we will add to our cart next.
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    I agree! There are still a few out there that complain about the line, but i think that we are in a New Golden Age for SW stuff! It's not flooding the aisles right now, but the things we are getting are excellent.

    When I first saw Episode 1, I was first amazed at all the new visuals and everything that was being added to the universe. Meanwhile when I was watching it I was thinking, "That would be a cool figure. Can't wait till they make that one...." I remember specifically thinking this the first time I saw TC-14.

    I love Star Wars Toys.

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