Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Yoda Man, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man New Recruit

    In the forum 3 3/4 figures under the thread New Saga and Clone Wars Figures, whenever I try to post, what I wanted to post replaces the last post I made in the thread.
  2. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    what are you trying to post? the text needs to be different than your previous post or it think"s it is just a duplicate
  3. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    Right, that's a protection to keep people from submitting a post twice (double posting). For example, if are trying to make a post with an image and include the text "whatever" and then reply to that post with a different attachment and the same text, the reply will take the place of the original.

    This is being addressed with the next version of the forum (which I've mentioned I hope to have installed towards the beginning of December).
  4. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    I belive the double posting rule is still in place. However, you can now attach multiple images to the same post (which should basically take care of the problem).

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