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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by arbal, Apr 4, 2007.

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    Arbal, I read your posts at the other site and wanted to reiterate something to you. If the "domestic" buyers are just now getting their stuff, yours may actually be on the way. I can see Tony opting for the "by boat" method if you've ordered a lot of stuff. At this point don't discount that he'll go the cheap route with anything on any orders. Also, unless he specifically shipped your order with international tracking, there's no default tracking number, although you can use a customs form number in some instances.

    As for WC, that was a "free" prize and I would wager to guess that she'll never receive what she's due, unfortunately.

    You guys all have his phone numbers, but if you've never known this, his full name is Florentino Mendez (aka "Tony). Of course his domain is registered by proxy so no contact information there. I suppose we all need to be careful if and when he rebrands his "store" to another name. He's gotten so much bad publicity (even from those that have received their orders) that there's no amount of damage control that will restore ForceOneToys to a viable toy source.
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    thanks for your reply but he promised a quick delivery with tracking number. The last time I got him on the phone, he told me he just sent the package to me and was going to get me the tracking number the following evening.
    Then, I did not have any news from him since 1 month !!

    If he sent it via surface mail, I can still have hope otherwise I got robbed by Tony ...

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