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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by arbal, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    Hello readers,

    I'm one of the owner of website (in France). I was contacted 1 month ago by the owner of Forceonetoys web shop to be partner of Mintinbox.
    As a test I placed a pretty expensive order on the shop. The owner received it and confirmed it, then I never got the information reagarding my shipping (tracking number and confirmation). I sent many many emails but no response. Today the shop is off line. :eek:
    Does anybody know the owner, have already dealt with him ?
    Somebody can help to find a solution on my problem ?

    Thanks by advance for this much needed help but is pretty tough to deal with it from France.

  2. darthskellington

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    I sent an e-mail to Todd at Alltroops....he has dealt with them...up until January when they refused to respond to him. They sponsored a giveaway over there and failed to come through with the prize....or the substitute prize they offered. Perhaps one of our moderators can give you some practical advice. looks like Force One has self-destructed. If you ahve any means of reversing payment..I would recommend doing so immediately. I'm not sure exactly how these thign work...but if you paid for something and they didnt' deliver....that should be grounds for Mail Fraud charges.

    Sorry you're stuck in this situation. :( One of our mods here was supposed to be the recipient of that Alltroops prize that never arrived. :mad:
  3. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    Well in fact I paid with propay payment, I contacted them and they told me they cannot do anything.
    I contacted my bank and I'm waiting for their response.

    Do you have service in the USA to log any fraud ? I live in France but is pretty tough ...
    What I understood is that a guy left the company and the other one was over charged by work.
    Following an email I sent on the 28th of March I received the day afetr:
    Hello, sorry for the delayed response I have had several large orders come in or shipments of toys and had to let someone go so ended up doing their job as well. I will check on your items but they were in fact sent and by my calculations should have been there or at least should be there in a day if not already. I will check and get back to you in the morning and again sorry for the delay I forgot to check my other email, this is the best address to reach me at.The problem is that the server is off line and the email address (that worked) does not work anymore ...
  4. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

  5. TechOfficerTodd

    TechOfficerTodd New Recruit

    Hello all. I hope this information I have is helpful. I have come here a few times trying to start a reply but recinded it several times for the best approach.

    I emailed Tony last night and laid it all out for him, linked him to this thread, and let him know very professionally that the Star Wars Collecting Community is a close-knit group of people and now is the time for him to consider some damage control - especially if he wants to continue operating under this or any other moniker to collectors. After a brief but descriptive reply from him regarding his site's security issues and some personal issues, Tony let me know that he is aware of his obligations. My response to him to his initial reply is as follows:

    "Sorry to hear all that. My suggestion would be to contact those you still owe product to and explain the situation to them - direct communication is the best "damage control". Only when past arrangements are complete will collectors be able to forgive and understand and hopefully post that they are satisfied.

    Another suggestion is that you should at least post some type of temporary page explaining your website issues. As an admin myself, I fully understand technical problems and security issues, but when someone that's waiting on product goes to your site and sees nothing, that does not give them any confidence they will receive their orders. Hence the opinion that you've "self-destructed".

    I'm going to remain outside of this issue, but I will post at TheBothanSpy that you and I have spoken and you are aware of your obligations. Of course I'm not the "big dog" in the Star Wars community but I'm aged enough to know when some type of mediation is required and I'm sure the users would like to hear something regarding this issue."​

    Out of courtesy to Tony I won't post what I initially emailed to him, nor his full reply to me, but it was very professional and to the point - touting the strengths of the userbase of collectors and how getting burned does not bode well. This is, if he fulfills his obligations - otherwise I'll be inclined to post it and help the community to take appropriate actions if necessary.

    I know emailing doesn't really solve any problems but I hope I've helped in some small way. Good luck to all and please do keep us posted on progress!
  6. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    Thanks a lot for what you did ... I left him a voice message on his cell phone even it is expensive form France.
    I still believe I'll get my orders one day ... but I'm on the verge to think Tony stole me.
    I tried so many times by email ...

    So Tony, if you read that post, please answer ... even to tell me I'll never get it :mad:

    THANKS !

    PS : on which email address did you reach him ?
  7. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    I just reached Tony on the phone. He explained me he had personal issues and security issue on the website.
    So as I told him, I'll post you this message that he told me he will deal all the orders that have not been already sent.
  8. TechOfficerTodd

    TechOfficerTodd New Recruit

    If you don't get a reply from Tony soon on the status of your order, I'll gladly post the email address in which I reached him here for all to see, use and whatnot...
  9. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    did you reach him at his gmail address ?

    Because when I sent an email there I got no answer from him ...
  10. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Todd,

    As you know, I won some bust-ups from them in January and luckily for me I didn't lose any money by not receiving them, but it still sucks, because I was really looking forward to having the prize.
  11. faust666

    faust666 New Recruit

    it seems i've been ripped off as well.i pre-ordered the mcguirre fett and stormtrooper.this is a real crappy feeling as most star wars people are the best.and the site looks legit.thanks for taking up for us though.damn!
  12. TechOfficerTodd

    TechOfficerTodd New Recruit

    I take it nobody has had any luck? If not I'll post all the information I know about Tony so that you guys can begin to file any mail fraud or other charges against him. I had hoped when I heard from him he was sincere in is response to do the right thing but I shutter to think he gets away with taking advantage of us all should that be his goal.

    Yes, arbal I used his gmail address which will be posted for all to try and use.

    Yes, WC it also gives the impression that AllTroops has a credibility issue - even though I know you are aware of the bigger picture.

  13. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    Tony gave me his word about my order ...
    I should have had a confirmation yesterday ...

    Waiting ...
  14. faust666

    faust666 New Recruit

    one of the reasons i pre-ordered with him was he was selling figures that im screwed i cant find anywhere(besides the HUGE markup on ebay)to just order individual figures.i cant afford a whole case.any ideas links etc??
  15. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    No news regarding my order ...

    I really do need help ...

  16. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

    I just got Tony on the phone, he is going to send me by email my "so waited" tracking number within the next hours. He put the bos at the post.
    He hired a new guy to redo the website and it will be online within 3 days (he told me sunday evening Eastern Time I guess).
    I hope it helped you guys, he also told me he dealt other orders on the dock ...

  17. poorhousefx

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    I would love to know how to contact these people. I have never posted here and bought / pre ordered the McQuarrie Boba Fett for my wife from Force One toys a while ago. She is a big Boba Fett Collector. I was charged for this item on March 29th and have received nothing. I have tried the gmail address but no response. I am in the process of disputing the charge but I really want to get this figure for my wife.

    So any contact info so I can see what is going on would be greatly appreciated.

  18. arbal

    arbal New Recruit

  19. faust666

    faust666 New Recruit

    so has anyone received anything????
  20. wookiee_cookiee

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