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  1. han solo

    han solo Friend of a Wookie

    here are some of my haves all on tr-logo cards unless otherwise stated more to come:

    12" electronic darth maul
    12" darth maul
    armored scout tank (x2)
    GC moff tarkin
    GC bib fortuna
    FF EVE-9D9
    FF 8D8
    FF cerimonial luke
    Red card lando

    Episode 1
    Jedi Obi-Wan
    Jedi Qui-Gonn
    Senate Amidala
    Battle amidala
    Jar Jar Binks
    Soft Goods Darth Maul
    Tatooine Darth Maul
    Jedi Duel Obi-Wan
    Jedi Duel Qui-Gonn
    Jedi Duel Maul

    Ree Yees
    Pote sintkin
    Death star droid
    Ishi tib
    CTC stormie (loose or carded)
    CTC Hooded leia
    POTJ Tuskin sniper
    Royal guard

    Thanks for looking! :cflag: :vader: :cflag:
  2. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    what kind of cards are you looking for? american? canadian?

    is that the amidala w/ ascension gun?
  3. han solo

    han solo Friend of a Wookie

    any kind of card they can be loose too. no that's not that amidala but the naboo one...sorry :)

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