Happy Birthday General Maximilian Veers

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    In the original script of The Empire Strikes Back, Veers perished when his walker was rammed by a snowspeeder. The scene never made it into the final film, and as such, Veers' life was spared. He appeared in early draft scripts of Return of the Jedi, though his character does not return in that film. Producer Robert Watts, who had a cameo appearance as an AT-ST pilot in Jedi, has once said that his character was actually General Veers, but it seems doubtful that Veers would have such a demotion to a simple pilot. His son, Zevulon, appears in the Dark Empire comics series.

    Actor Julian Glover, who played Veers in The Empire Strikes Back, also played villain Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
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