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    Did a modest toy run today. After snagging a Hammerhead ornament and Hallmark, I went to Walmart, and found the Fighter Pods Swoops and Republic Gunship 12-packs.

    I then went to Ross and found that they have the shot glasses and juice glasses again, this time in 2012 Maul packaging.

    Next stop was TJ Maxx.....no single figures, but they now have the Deluxe Figure and Vehicle packs for $9.99.....I picked up a Droid with Separatist Droid Speeder I had previously missed. They also had some Geonosions with Speeders, which had previously been TRU exclusives (the TRU a block away still has them) I'm guess TJ Maxx just peeled the TRU stickers off before shipping them out to stores. TJ Maxx also still had some of the "cancelled" Clone Wars 2-packs from the brain worm episodes.

    Next I hit TRU, and snagged a Clone Wars skateboard. They had some new lunchbags, backpacks, pencil pouches, and id holders (think luggage tag). A TRU run in Lousiana the otehr day also revealed a Darth Vader bicycle/skateboard helmet.

    Lastly, I hit Hastings, where I came across a vintage carded Kithaba and Dr. Evazan. Was hoping to find Nom Anor, as a friend snagged one at a different Hastings the next town over. Also found another Canadian Clone Wars 2-pack (Duo Valeur), so I snagged it for my collection. This one is Embo and a Battle Droid. They also finally marked their Mighty Muggs Dooku down to $3.50, so he came home with me today as well

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