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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alf, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. Alf

    Alf Agent

    Hi. Why the id name Alf? I saw a recent episode of SNL and a spoof of Ep 2 with Alf on the jedi council. Have you seen it?
    I have a small collection of Star Wars figures (mostly doubles from Wookie Cookie). My favorite is a cut out of Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan. I rescued him from death via cardboard crusher. I'm keeping an eye out for Episode 2 ones...:vader:
  2. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

  3. Alf

    Alf Agent

    Here Kitty Kitty...

    Ha ha very funny.
  4. Redleader

    Redleader New Recruit

    Welcome Alf! Hope enjoy the place!:cheers:
  5. Deathstar

    Deathstar Visit vacation paradise!

    Hey Alf: Welcome aboard. Any friend of Wookie-Cookie is a friend of ours. Hope to see you around the boards.:wave:
  6. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    She's not my friend, she's my sister!

  7. Alf

    Alf Agent

    Hey, don't bash the your SW scavenger hunt partner! :saber:
  8. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    Cat fight??
  9. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord


    Welcome Alf ...hope you enjoy yourself'll have a great time

  10. Barada

    Barada Saboteur


    Hey there Alf. Welcome to the site. I see you already found the chat room the other day. Wait till you chat with me. Wookie, leave it a surprise as to my oddness in the room.

    Seriously, hope you enjoy what you see. Talk to ya soon!

  11. Redleader

    Redleader New Recruit

    It's like Leia's revelation to Han at the end of Return of the Jedi!:shocked:

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