God Bless the Canadians

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by CreepyBunny, Sep 10, 2005.

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    Thought this was interesting and it makes me love the Canadians even more. My parish is St. Bernard and we're not getting a lot of help because we're so inundated with water (well actually, it's starting to go down now), but CNN reports "the parish made it through the early days with the help of sheriffs from other states, a contingent of 50 Royal Canadian Mounted Police..." That's pretty crazy and I thought some of you crazy Canadians (ehem... such as Barada) might find that interesting. Canadians are awesome! Don't believe my story? Check out the link below.
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    At times of need such as this, Canadians usually come through in a big way, with whatever minimal resources we have. Our government is a joke, taxes are unrealistically high, and many of us live in discontent at the state of our country, but there are few countries in the world as giving as ours.

    In fact, ask Skellington about something me and AmShak had discussed. We have been thinking about you...

    I know it won't be for some time, but I hope you're trying to keep your life as normal as possible. Best of luck. The very fact that you're posting on here is a good sign that you're dealing with the stresses in a positive way.


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